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Taste Authenticity









  • Complex flavor
  • Slightly sweet
  • Creamy finish


  • Flavor is on the mild side

A healthy dose of skepticism can be a good thing. Especially when it comes to claims made about products online. I myself am a bit of a skeptic. So when I read the description of Ursa ejuice from World Star Vape my skeptic alarm started going off when I got to the inclusion of “exotic dragon fruit” in the flavor profile.

Someone at World Star Vape has a pretty vivid imagination, I thought. There’s no such thing as dragon fruit. Is there? Turns out there is. It’s the fruit of a type of cactus, native to Mexico. It’s been transplanted to and is cultivated throughout much of Central America and Asia.

dragon fruitDragon fruit has a mild taste that’s been described as a cross between kiwi and pear. It gets its name from the appearance of its vibrant exterior. So that little bit of research eased my skeptical side, at least on the veracity of dragon fruit. But dragon fruit isn’t the taste present in Ursa, or even the primary flavor.

World Star Vape describes Ursa as, “A riveting fusion of wild strawberries, exotic dragonfruit, topped with fresh banana cream and pinkish red orbs of pomegranate. This flavor is perfect for a sunny afternoon.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     3 MG
PG/VG Ratio       20/80

Ursa is a mild, almost delicate taste treat. The primary flavor on the inhale is sweet strawberry, coupled with creamy banana. That mysterious dragon fruit is in there too, a little earthy, yet mild. The taste is consistent through the entire experience, inhale and exhale both.

The vapor of Ursa is smooth and a little warm with a mild throat hit. As in the flavor, strawberry is the predominant note in the aroma, along with the slightly sweet essence of banana.

I’ve been vaping Ursa for about three days and it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. It’s an intricate blend of flavors that results in a mildly sweet, fresh and creamy vape experience.

WSV Ursa mineUrsa is a strawberry based ejuice that masterfully blends just enough banana and dragon fruit to make it a unique flavor. If strawberry ejuices are among your favorites, Ursa is one you need to try.

City of Vape, World Star Vape’s retail site, offers Ursa in 120 ml bottles for $29.95. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG and 6 MG. Ursa is mixed in a PG/VG ratio of 20/80.

I vaped Ursa in a Kangertech TOPBOX Platinum Edition, the Toptank and the KBOX Mini TC, with the Ni 200 coil. World Star Vape provided the bottle of Ursa I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order World Star Vape’s Ursa from City Of Vape.

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