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Europa display official 01Prior to posting the review of the Vaporcade Europa I emailed the folks at Vaporcade with some of my questions and concerns about the device, primarily where Europa fit into the market and its price point and that of the proprietary ejuice cartridges, the Shuttle. Shortly after posting the review I heard back from Jed Wallace who handles media and press relations for Vaporcade’s parent company.

Europa is a slim, sleek, good looking mod that has a variable wattage range of 5 – 12 watts. It works exclusively with Shuttle cartridges, which each hold 6 ml of ejuice. There are currently five flavors available on the Shuttle menu, Black Pearl (coffee), Defiant (peach), Serenity (raspberry), Red Dragon (apple) and The Q (menthol).

One of my concerns with Europa was that 12 watt maximum power output. Jed answered that by saying, “we understand that the serious cloud chaser is not going to choose Europa as their primary device. That said, our various expert contributors have found that Europa is exactly what we had hoped…safe, maintenance free, easy to use, and convenient.”

Europa lightning boxIt was actually kind of refreshing to see Vaporcade acknowledge that. And they’re correct in stating that Europa is “maintenance free, easy to use, and convenient.” It doesn’t get much easier than popping that Shuttle on top of the Europa.

While, admittedly, Europa is not designed for the serious vaper or those who, like me, view vaping as more of a hobby than a habit, Vaporcade believes, “there is definitely a place for our devices in the market. Whether someone wants a quick plug-and-play option while in the middle of a rebuild or an e-cigalike user is looking to transition to something a bit more advanced.”

I also voiced some concern over the proprietary nature of the Shuttle system and trade off a vaper makes for the convenience by giving up a wider flavor selection and the ability to use another manufacturer’s tank on Europa. Jed’s response was, “we engineered our Shuttles and devices in response to requests from professionals that simply didn’t have the time or patience to tinker with coils and tanks…they were interested in the basics, not some of the variables they couldn’t focus on at the office or driving.”

It sounds like Vaporcade has a very good idea of who the target market is for Europa. The device is everything it claims to be, nothing more, and that’s ok. If you fit the description of the Europa user, you’re going to be pretty satisfied with it.

Jed did have one other very promising thing to say about Europa and Vaporcade’s plans for the future, “There will be all kinds of evolutionary steps for our devices in 2016…your version is just the beginning.” The Europa I received was a beta version.

Europa header official 01If your style of vaping is more like mine, or even more advanced, chances are Europa is not for you. You can check out the full Seven Report review of Europa here and if you know a smoker or beginning vaper, maybe you can share it with them.

Thanks again to our friends at Vaporcade for providing Europa for review. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them soon.

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Find out more about Europa and Vaporcade’s other products here.

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