Spearmint EJuice Review





Taste Authenticity









  • Authentic flavor
  • Moderate hit
  • Pleasant aroma


  • Slight aftertaste

Stella Blues Vapors has mastered time travel. At least that’s the effect their Spearmint ejuice had on me. The first drag I took of this cool, minty ejuice transported me back to the spring of 1972. Once again I was in Fair Lawn, NJ, 14-years-old or so. And there was Cindy, an older woman of 16. Cindy loved Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. And kissing. We shared many long, wet, spearmint flavored kisses that spring, more than 40 years ago now. It’s been nearly that long since I’ve thought of her, but in an instant, Stella Blues Vapor’s Spearmint ejuice had brought those memories back to life.

The Doublemint Twins. Notice that one is holding a pack of Spearmint gum.
The Doublemint Twins. Notice that one is holding a pack of Spearmint gum.

The official description of Spearmint from Stella Blues Vapors is, “This amazing Spearmint EJuice has a flavor full combination of Double Mint Gum which is tasty and chilly! For the menthol lovers!” If there is anything I can quibble with that description about it’s that, to me, this ejuice tastes more like Spearmint than Doublemint gum. Wrigley has never divulged the flavors in this gum, but gum industry insiders say that the primary ingredient is peppermint, and Stella Blues Vapors Spearmint isn’t quite as sharp tasting as peppermint.

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     24 MG
PG/VG Ratio      45/55

There is a danger to ejuice companies in giving one of their flavors such a straight forward name, like Spearmint. And that is the ejuice had darn well better taste like spearmint, there’s very little wiggle room for taste discrepancy as there is with a more creative name. But Stella Blues Vapors nailed it this time, their Spearmint is the most authentic taste we’ve sampled.

Spearmint’s aroma is nearly as authentic as its flavor, and certainly adds to the overall enjoyment of this ejuice. There is just a slight aftertaste, especially after extended vaping sessions. The vapor is cool and juicy on the inhale, and plentiful on the exhale. The throat hit is mild to moderate. I’m not a menthol fan, so I can’t speak to how menthol lovers will find Spearmint, but to me it’s less like the menthol of a cigarette and more akin to the mint of chewing gum. There’s a cool and refreshing effect to Spearmint, which makes it ideal for all-day vaping.

Spearmint is available from Stella Blues Vapors in 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml sizes for $9, $15 and $23 respectively. The 15 ml and 30 ml are also available in glass bottles for an additional $2. Nicotine levels are from 0 MG to 24 MG in even numbered increments. All of Stella Blues Vapors ejuices come in a 45/55 PG/VG ratio, except for the Sub Ohm Line. Stella Blues Vapors also offers caffeine shots in their ejuices; you can add a single shot for $1 or a double shot for $2. We tested Spearmint in a Kangertech Aerotank Mega powered by an Innokin iTaste MVP 2. Stella Blues Vapors provided the bottle we sampled for the purpose of this review.


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