SMOK TFV4 Tank Review

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  • Produces tons of vapor
  • Quad and triple coil heads
  • Mini RBA deck
  • Clean top filling
  • No leaking


  • Juice hog
  • Retains flavor of previous ejuice

The SMOK TFV4 is one of the most popular and innovative tanks of the year. It comes with two new patented coils, a Quadruple Coil Head and Triple Coil Head and a single coil RBA head. It’s 510 threaded with a capacity of 5.0 ml. The top filling tank has adjustable airflow and the two layer drip tip also has adjustable airflow. The TFV4 is 24.5 mm in diameter and made of stainless steel and glass.

The quadruple coil (TF-Q4) is rated 0.15 ohm with a wattage range of 40 – 140 watts. The triple coil (TF-T3) is rated at 0.2 ohm with a wattage range of 40 – 130 watts. There are four airflow slots on the base of the tank and four on the drip tip. The top of the tank is hinged and swings open for filling.

The specs and facts only tell part of the story. I’ve been using the TFV4 for just over three weeks and it’s an amazing tank. That’s about the longest I’ve ever tested a device before doing a review. The “TF” in TFV4 stands for Taste Furious and that is not an overstatement. There’s very little negative to say about this tank. I’m still using the original coil and it shows no sign of wear.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X TFV4 tank
  • 1 X Replacement glass tank
  • 1 X Quadruple coil head
  • 1 X Triple coil head
  • 1 X RBA head
  • 1 X User’s manual
  • 2 X Vape bands
  • 1 X Package of organic cotton
  • 1 X Screwdriver
  • 1 X Replacement top fill gasket

Performance: The SMOK TFV4 puts out loads of billowy vapor. The organic cotton in the coils provides some of the purest taste I’ve ever experienced. The wide wattage range on those coils allows you to personalize your vape, finding the sweet spot for any ejuice and giving you the ability to take advantage of those higher wattage levels without the fear of frying your coil. And the airflow control on not only the tank itself but the drip tip as well means you can vape at higher watts and keep the vapor relatively cool.

SMOK TFV4 drip tip top viewThat dual layer drip tip keeps the outer surface of the tip, that part that comes into contact with your mouth, from overheating. And the mixture of fresh air from the outer ring and the vapor from the inner tube makes for a unique and adjustable vape experience.

The coils put out lots of tasty vapor and they really last. I’ve been vaping on the quadruple coil for over three weeks and it shows no signs of wear.

Features: SMOK has packed the features into the TFV4 from top to bottom. The dual layer drip tip has a 1 – 2 mm space between the inner and outer tubes that serves as a heat shield. There are four airflow openings on the drip tip, and that fresh air comes up through that space between the tubes to mix with the vapor from the inner tube.

At the base of the TFV4 there are four more airflow openings. There is not a stopper on the adjustable airflow system, but the adjustment ring is on there tight enough that once you’ve set it there’s little chance it will move around on its own.

The top fill system on the SMOK TFV4 is unique and makes this the easiest refill of any tank I’ve used. The top is hinged, so you simply slide it open and insert your dripper into the slot in the gasket.

SMOK TFV4 contents officialSMOK ships the TFV4 with two coils, the TF-Q4 quad coil and the TF-T3 triple coil. The TF-Q4 is rated at 0.15 ohm with a wattage range of 40 – 140 watts. The TF-T3 is rated at 0.2 ohm and has a wattage range of 40 – 130 watts. The TFV4 also comes with a single coil RBA head, the TF-R1.

SMOK also offers a number of other replacement coils for the TFV4, including Ni 200 and titanium temperature control coils, a dual coil RBA deck and sextuple coil head.

Also included in the package is a replacement glass tube, a package of organic cotton and two vape bands.

Quality: Part of the reason I’ve taken so long to publish this review is that I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong with the TFV4. So far, nothing has. I’ve experienced zero leaks or ejuice seepage. The TF-Q4 quad coil is still going strong after three weeks of extensive use, with the flavor of every ejuice I’ve run through it bold and pure.

SMOK TF-Q4 CoilThere are two minor little issues, and they shouldn’t be a surprise. First, with all that cotton from four coils, the TFV4 does tend to hold onto the taste of an ejuice after you’ve switched out flavors, maybe just a little longer than some other cotton coils. The other issue, this tank is an ejuice hog. With four coils vaporizing the ejuice, it doesn’t take very long to run through that 5 ml capacity. But the amazing flavor and amount of vapor is a pretty even trade off.

Looks: The SMOK TFV4 is a decent looking tank. The TFV4 and SMOK logos are etched into the stainless steel in an understated way. The quad coil, which is huge, does look pretty impressive through the glass of the tank, with those four rows of four ejuice ports visible through all but the darkest ejuice. SMOK also offers the TFV4 in black.

Price/Value: SMOK lists the TFV4 on their website at $49.99. They also offer a kit that doesn’t include the quad coil or RBA head for $39.99. GearBest, who supplied the SMOK TFV4 for a Seven Report review has it listed for $27.46, and they occasionally run sales on it.

The coils for the TFV4 are going to be a little more expensive, but not outrageously so. GearBest offers a five-pack of the quad coils for $11.47, or just a little more than $2 each. But with the longer life of those coils and the amazing amount of vapor they produce, it’s well worth that little bit extra they cost.

Even given the higher cost on the replacement coils and how much more ejuice you’re going to use, the SMOK TFV4 is an amazing bargain, especially at the GearBest price.

SMOK TFV4 on SnowWolfThis is by far the best performing tank I’ve ever used. I don’t even miss using temperature control on my Snow Wolf 200, that’s how good the performance of the TFV4 with the quad coil is. Though I am very interested in trying it with one of the SMOK titanium coils.

If you’re ready for a new tank, love loads of billowy,tasty vapor, and want a coil that will let you crank up your wattage above 100 watts without fear of frying it or burning your lips, the SMOK TFV4 is well worth it.

I used the SMOK TFV4 with a wide variety of ejuices on the Asmodus Snow Wolf 200. GearBest provided the SMOK TFV4 I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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