Sampler Vape Mail

It’s vape mail from American eLiquid Store with a twist, three sampler packs, 14 bottles of ejuice in all! That’s the biggest single of shipment of ejuice Seven Report has received to date!

Here’s what American eLiquid Store sent:

AES Tobacco Sampler 01American eLiquid Store Tobacco Sampler with 15 ml bottles of Tobacco Cherry, Tobacco Cocoa, Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco and from their X-Line, X1. That’s 60 ml of tobacco flavored ejuice! American eLiquid Store offers the Tobacco Sampler for $34.99, buying those four bottles individually would cost you $39.96.

DS Dessert Sampler 01Dura Smoke Dessert Line Sampler with 10 ml bottles of Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup (I’m really excited about this flavor), Root Beer Candy, Banana Nut Bread and Chocolate Cake. That’s 50 ml of sweet dessert ejuice. You can order the Dura Smoke Dessert Line Sampler from American eLiquid Store for $30.99, bought one-at-a-time those five bottles would run you $34.95.

DS Fruit Sampler 01Dura Smoke Fruit Line Sampler with 10 ml bottles of Black Cherry, Strawberry/Banana, Pineapple, Green Apple and Banana. A total of 50 ml of fruit flavored ejuice. Purchased individually these five bottles would cost $34.95, but American eLiquid Store offers the Dura Smoke Fruit Line Sampler for $30.99.

That’s 14 bottles and 160 ml of tempting ejuice! That may be more than I can vape and review in a timely fashion. Jason at American eLiquid Store said it would be ok to give some away, so keep checking back, I may just have to do that! Of course, if you follow Seven Report on Twitter and/or Facebook you’ll find out about any give-aways and reviews of the ejuices in this latest shipment of vape mail that way.

For more details on these sample packs from American eLiquid Store, just click the links below.

American eLiquid Store Logo

American eLiquid Store Tobacco Sampler
Dura Smoke Dessert Line Sampler
Dura Smoke Fruit Line Sampler

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