One Year Tobacco Free

A Seven Report Vaping Story

Once upon a time…

stickman 02 resizeThere was a man. He was a nice man, a good man even, and he liked to help people. Even though this man was fairly intelligent, he had long ago made a very foolish choice. He began smoking cigarettes. But he want’ the only one who had made this choice. His wife, his sister, his brother, even his adult children were all smokers.

As the years passed this man tried to quit smoking. He knew that the smoke was ruining his lungs, made him smell bad and would ultimately kill him. Yet he couldn’t quit. then one day, he heard about something called an electronic cigarette. It didn’t burn tobacco. It didn’t burn anything and it didn’t even contain tobacco. So he bought a starter kit and tried it for a while.

But he kept on smoking, even though he tried very hard not to. This electronic cigarette just wasn’t doing the trick. It produced very little vapor, didn’t pack enough nicotine and couldn’t hold a charge for very long.

smoking skeleton 01The problem was this particular brand was what people call a cig-alike. It looks like a tobacco cigarette, and in fact, the evil Big Tobacco, the very same villain who made and sold those deadly tobacco cigarettes, had bought the company that made it.

Once evil Big Tobacco got his hands on this product, quality control went right down the crapper, and, sure enough, the man’s cig-alike stopped working altogether within a few weeks.

stick woman 02 resizeHe feared all was lost. But then his sister came to visit from far away. She had stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes and had started vaping. She used a real vaping device that had an open system refillable tank. And she loved it.

stick woman 01 resizeThe man’s wife at once went down to a local vape shop, bought a vape kit for herself, and immediately quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The man watched all of this thoughtfully, and he saw how much enjoyment his wife received from vaping.

bad smell 01Finally, he had had enough. He was tired of smoking cigarettes. The prices kept going up. Evil Big Tobacco kept getting richer. He hated that to smoke he to go outside, no matter if it was pouring down rain, snowing or burning hot. He didn’t like how smoking made him smell and he suspected that his friends weren’t too crazy about that tobacco odor that lingered on is clothes for hours after he’d had a tobacco cigarette.

And worst of all, the man was beginning to suspect his health was starting to show signs of the damage more than 40 years of smoking was doing. So he went to the vape shop with his wife and bought a kit for himself. He hasn’t smoked a tobacco cigarette since.

That was one year ago. And now the man feels better than ever. His food tastes better. His sense of smell has improved and he himself smells better. He’s breathing easier and sleeping better. And he’s been amazed at the selection of flavors of ejuice. It’s as if he traveled to a magical kingdom of wonderful taste sensations.

people on computers 01Because he likes to help other people, he started a website and You Tube channel to share his experience with vaping. And people from all over the world now visit his website to read and watch the man’s reviews of vaping equipment and ejuice and the stories he shares.

vapers 01He’s made friends with other vapers and vape bloggers and reviewers who share his passion and want to help others break free from evil Big Tobacco. And there have been many companies who make vape gear and ejuice who have supplied products for him to review on the website.

It has been a wonderful year for the man, and he expects even greater things in the years to come. But it’s too early to call happily ever after. Evil Big Tobacco is still lurking and plotting. They continue to make their inferior cig-alike products and sell them to unsuspecting tobacco users through their minions at gas stations and convenience stores throughout the land. And Big Tobacco also uses its sizeable, but dwindling, influence members of the unscrupulous government to try and get open source vaping banned or heavily regulated.

evil pharma 01Evil Big Tobacco is not the only enemy of vaping. Arrogant Big Pharmaceutical also sees vaping as a threat to its inferior quit smoking chemicals and potions that are even less effective than those low quality cig-alikes. There is much work to do, and vapers need to be diligent and active to protect their right to break from smoking and continue vaping.

The moral of this story is that air is the only thing you should knowingly every put into your lungs. But if you, like the man, made the decision to smoke tobacco cigarettes you can kick that nasty habit through vaping.

The End


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