First Look: Subtank Plus Black Edition

SUBTank PLUS black official 01 resizeIf there’s one thing Kangertech excels at, it’s extending a line of products. The latest evidence of that fact, the Kanger Subtank Plus Black Edition. Kanger first introduced colored versions of the Subtank packaged with the new KBOX Mini as the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit (our review of that is here) in white and black. The coloring was attained by a process known as aqueos ceramic coating, giving the tank a rich, deep look. Not long after the Subtank Mini tanks Kanger introduced the Subtank Nano in a variety of colors. Now comes the Subtank Plus, which, according to my source at Kangertech, will only be available in black.

With each addition to the Subtank line Kanger seems to add something new. With the Subtank Plus Black Edition that comes via the OCC (organic cotton coil) heads included in the package. The Subtank Plus Black Edition comes with a 0.15 ohm Ni 200 coil installed and a 0.2 ohm coil in the box. There are two important notes on these coils. First, the 0.15 ohm Ni 200 is for use with a temperature control device only. DO NOT USE THIS COIL WITH A STANDARD MOD. Second, the KBOX Mini is not capable of firing either of these coils. It will not fire the 0.15 ohm Ni 200 coil because it’s not a temperature control device. It won’t fire the 0.2 ohm OCC because the KBOX Mini will only fire coils down to 0.3 ohm.

So as the Subtank Plus Black Edition is packaged, it’s not compatible with the KBOX Mini. It will accept Kanger’s other OCC heads rated at 0.5, 1.2 and 1.5 ohm. If you’re purchasing the Subtank Plus Black Edition and expecting to take it home and slap it on the KBOX Mini and start vaping, you’re going to be disappointed.

subtank plus black open boxBesides the two OCC heads the Subtank Plus Black Edition includes a Mini RBA Plus deck with one pre-wrapped coil installed and a spare included. These coils are rated at 0.5 ohm, so the KBOX Mini will fire them. The package also includes a spare Pyrex tank, some extra O-rings and RBA deck screws and a package of organic Japanese cotton.

Like the original Subtank Plus (review here), the Black Edition holds a whopping 7 ml of ejuice. It also has Kanger’s latest airflow control system. I’ll be using the Subtank Black Edition extensively over the next week or so. I’m expecting a couple of temperature control mods to arrive during that time, so I’ll also try it on with the 0.15 ohm Ni 200 coil. Then I’ll come back with a full review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified that way when that review has been posted.

Kangertech provided the Subtank Plus Black Edition for the purpose of a Seven Report review. As of this writing it’s not listed on their primary website, but I did find some information (but not pricing) about it one of Kanger’s other sites, here.

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