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Lucky Leprechaun

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  • Lightly sweet
  • Authentic flavor
  • Full bodied flavor


  • Aroma a little heavy

You learn something new every day. Like today for instance, I learned a good deal about a favorite childhood cereal. OK, it’s still kind of a favorite, I’ll admit to that. I’m talking about Lucky Charms, that magically delicious combination of frosted oat cereal and marshmallow bits.

I’ll also admit to being old enough to remember when Lucky Charms first came on the market, back in 1963. But, apparently, my memory isn’t quite as good as I thought it was. I didn’t remember that when it was first introduced that oat cereal part of Lucky Charms was not frosted with sugar. That didn’t happen until 1967.

original Lucky LeprechaunThe guy who invented Lucky Charms, John Holahan, came up with it after he added chopped up pieces of those candy Circus Peanuts to a bowl of Cheerios. And Lucky the Leprechaun didn’t come on the scene until 1964.

While General Mills has tinkered with different shapes and colors for those marshmallow bits, they’re officially called “marbits” and of the originals only the pink heart is still used, they haven’t messed with the recipe since adding that sugar frosting back in 1967.

And that’s the flavor Deluxe Ejuice was shooting for when they recently introduced their Lucky Leprechaun ejuice. The official flavor description of Lucky Leprechaun says, “Reminiscent of the incredible Lucky Charms cereal we loved as kids. The sweet, crisp taste of sugared, whole grain cereal topped with fluffy marshmallow treats makes it all magically delicious.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level         6 MG
PG/VG Ratio          30/70

How close is that description to the actual flavor? Well, if you recast those old Lucky Charms commercials with adult vapers instead of cereal stealing kids you could replace that box of cereal with a bottle of Lucky Leprechaun and call it a day.

lucky charms in bowlOn the inhale there’s a taste that is remarkably similar to that frosted oat cereal, just a little sweet with a hint of grain underneath. The sweetness of those marshmallow bits, or “marbits”, is more noticeable on the exhale, just a little sweeter than the initial flavor.

The vapor is smooth, rich and just a little warm. The throat hit is in the upper range of light. And the aroma is slightly sweet and leans toward the heavy side.

While not overpoweringly sweet, Deluxe Ejuice Lucky Leprechaun has a full-bodied flavor. Unlike the cereal it’s based on, that flavor is consistent. With Lucky Charms, or any cereal with added bits of marshmallow or crunch berries or the like, I always seem to run out of those extras before the cereal itself is gone. That means I get a much different flavor experience at the beginning of a bowl than at the end. That phenomenon is not a factor with Lucky Leprechaun ejuice.

I vaped Lucky Leprechaun from Deluxe Ejuice for the better part of three days. It was wonderful the entire time, no matter what time of day, whether I’d just had a meal, or was sipping on a cup of coffee.

DEJ Lucky Leprechaun bottleDeluxe Ejuice offers Lucky Leprechaun in 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml and 100 ml bottles for $6.99, $7.99, $9.99 and $39.99. You can order it with 0 MG, 1.5 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG, 18 MG or 24 MG of nicotine. And Deluxe Ejuice offers a wide variety of PG/VG ratios.

I vaped Lucky Leprechaun in a SMOK TFV4 tank on a Snow Wolf 200. Deluxe Ejuice provided the bottle of Lucky Leprechaun I sampled for the purpose of this review.

Deluxe EJuice 01

Order Lucky Leprechaun from Deluxe Ejuice.

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