Latest Coil Master Vape Mail

Coil Master has done it again, they’ve shipped their latest products for Seven Report reviews. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from Coil Master. Then the other day I got a message from Coil Master on Facebook asking if I had their new 521 Plus Tab. “No, I don’t have that one,” I replied. A moment later they said they were sending their newest products. Today, they arrived.

521 Plus Tab
It’s been almost 2 years since Coil Master released the original 521 Tab. The 521 Plus Tab is updated (and, I’m assuming since I haven’t actually used it yet, improved) and much more sleek looking. Coil Master says the 521 Plus Tab is totally redesigned and enables you to dry burn your coil, test battery output and voltage and your coil resistance. Use it as a coil building deck as well as ohm reader, dry burner and for battery voltage testing. The 521 Plus Tab is listed at $59.99. Order here.

DIY Kit Mini
The latest all-in-one coil building tool kit, the Mini is “compact and outdoor-friendly.” It appears to be ideal for use on the road and at competitions. It includes mini diagonal pliers, folding scissors, a flat and a Phillips head mini screwdriver, vape tweezers, the Coil Master Coiling Kit V4, and organic Japanese cotton. Coil Master lists the DIY Kit Mini at $25.99. Get more details and order here.

Ready Box
The simplicity of this product is nearly genius. It’s box with 12 strips of pre-cut organic Japanese cotton and 6 pre-wrapped coils, 2 each of 0.3 ohm Fused Clapton, 0.3 ohm Clapton Parallel and 0.25 ohm Triple Clapton. Coil Master says the Ready Box “has been designed primarily to give the vaper a rich and flavoursome vaping experience!” It’s listed at $9.99. Order here.

Within the next week or so I’ll post a First Look piece on these new Coil Master products. If you follow Seven Report on Facebook or Twitter you’ll find out that way then that piece is live.

Thanks again to our friends at Coil Master for providing these products for review.

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