Kanger Five6 Review

Kanger Five6













  • Pure flavor
  • Loads of vapor
  • Multi-day vaping power
  • Charges external devices


  • Requires 5 batteries
  • External battery charging only
  • Tank seeps a little

Let me get right to the point about the Kangertech Five6 Kit. I like it, but… And I’ll get to that “but” in just a bit. Kangertech celebrated their 10th anniversary on April 16, 2017. To mark that milestone they introduced a new series of products, AKD, or Advanced Kangertech Design. So far there are two products in that line, the first being the Five6 Kit, the second is the K-PIN Kit.

I received the Five6 Kit and posted a First Look shortly before the official Kanger 10th anniversary. Since then I’ve been using the Five6 pretty much as an everyday vape. This is, to the best of my recollection, the longest review period I’ve ever subjected a product to.

The Five6 Kit is a monster. It’s bulky, it’s heavy. And to some vapers that’s going to be a plus, to others, not so much. This is not kit that you can easily stick in your back pocket, unless you happen to dress like Captain Kangaroo. The kit consists of the Five6 Mod and the Five6 Tank.

The mod is powered by five 18650 batteries (not included) and has an output of 5 – 222 watts. It’s capable of powering external devices via the USA Power Bank on the side of the device. To charge the batteries you must remove them from the mod and use an external charger. For more detail on the specs and operation of the Five6 Mod, check out the First Look piece.

The Five6 Tank is an 8 ml, swivel top filling tank. You can adjust airflow by twisting the collar at the base of the tank to open or close more or less of the two airflow ports. The tank comes with a Tiger coil installed along with a spare. The Tiger coils have three 0.6 ohm coils in parallel. You can select any combination of those coils to fire by sliding what Kangertech refers to as push buttons. This selectable coil function is a patented Kangertech design.

With one coil active the operating resistance is 0.6 ohm with a max rated power of 50 watts. With two coils it’s 0.3 ohm with max rated power of 100 watts. All three coils activated have a resistance of 0.2 ohm and a max rated power of 150 watts. Get more details on this function and the Five6 Tank go to our First Look post.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Five6 Mod 
  • 1 X Five6 Tank 
  • 2 X Tiger coils (3 X 0.6 ohm coil in parallel) 
  • 1 X Replacement Pyrex glass 
  • 1 X Set of replacement seal rings 1X Manual

Performance: This is the area where the Five6 Kit is a monster in the best sense of the word. Regardless of how many of the coils on the Tiger coil you have activated the Five6 puts out loads of billowy, tasty vapor. And with those 5 batteries I’ve been getting two days of vaping on a single charge.

Features: Kangertech gave the Five6 Kit two major features, that selectable coil function and the power bank that allows you to charge external devices. The addition of a second coil and replacement Pyrex tube are also nice features.

Quality: Here’s where that “but” from the beginning of the post comes in. The Five6 Tank has a tendency to seep ejuice. It’s not a consistent problem, but it happens often enough that I needed to mention it. Other than that, the Five6 Kit maintains the same quality that Kangertech is known for. The Tiger coils produce pure flavor and loads of vapor.

Looks: Five6 Kit is an impressive looking piece of equipment. It’s big and bold and with the color coordinated mod, tank and trim it really pops. Kanger offers the kit in black, red, green, yellow and blue and the colors are rich and deep.

Price/Value: Kangertech shows the Five6 with a list price of $81.90 but has it available as of this writing for $69.90. For the excellent performance of the kit and superior flavor those Tiger coils produce, that’s a pretty decent price.

But the purchase price isn’t the only thing you need to consider. The Five6 Mod requires 5 18650 batteries, not a number most vapers have just sitting around. And you’ll also need an external battery charger that handle 5 batteries. The replacement Tiger coils are little on the expensive side, Kangertech lists a two-pack for $9.20, though they do last for weeks.

I’ve been using the Kangertech Five6 Kit for months, and will continue to use it. The few down sides include the tank seepage and the fact that you can’t charge the batteries in the mod, which means you’ll either need 5 extra batteries for use when the other 5 are charging, or a second set up. Of course, the seepage I’ve experienced may be due to the fact that the model I received for review was a pre-market version.

On the up side, I’ve been getting two full days of vaping out of the Five6 with all three coils activated and vaping at 90 watts. And the flavor and vapor output rivals that of the SMOK TFV series of tanks at a lower wattage level.

I’m sure that those two key features will become a real selling point for many vapors, though personally, I haven’t made much use of them. I set the Tiger coil to fire all 3 coils and I’ve never had the need to charge an external device with the mod, though on a long road trip I can see how that would be a handy feature.

Kangertech provided the Five6 Kit for review. Order it from Kangertech.

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