Kangertech Five 6 Vape Mail

It isn’t often that expectations are exceeded, so when they are I like to applaud it. That was the case today. Kangertech is getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary. As part of the celebration they’re introducing a new line of products, the AKD Series (Advanced Kangertech Design).

They contacted me a few days ago saying they were sending the first AKD device for a Seven Report review, the Five6 Kit. A day later I got a text from DHL saying they would deliver it on Tuesday. Then the package showed up today (Monday). Expectation exceeded.

The Kangertech Five6 kit includes the Five6 mod and tank. The mod is a massive. It would have to be to hold five 18650 batteries. Top power output is 222 watts. The Five6 tank has a max capacity of 8 ml. It’s a top filler that opens with a swivel top cap, much like the SMOK TFV series of tanks.

Kanger includes two Tiger coils, each of which consists of three separate coils in parallel. Individually each of the three internal coils has a resistance of about 0.6 ohm. The tank has a function that allows you to select one, two or all three of those coils to fire simultaneously. With a single coil firing resistance is 0.6 ohm and max rated power is 50 watts. When two coils are fired the numbers go to 0.3 ohm and 100 watts, and with three the numbers are 0.2 ohm and 150 watts.

In the next day or so I’ll post a First Look piece, where I’ll put batteries in the mod (I do need to run to the vape shop and pick up some batteries), fill the tank, go over the specs and operation and give the Five6 a first vape. Then I’ll use it extensively for a week or two and come back with a full, in-depth review.

Follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t miss when those pieces are live. Kangertech lists the Five6 as “Coming Soon,” and doesn’t list a price. I’ll see if I can’t get some more definitive information on those details.

Thanks to our friends at Kangertech for providing the Five6 for review, and happy anniversary.

Get more information on the Kangertech Five6 here.

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