K-Pin & K-Pin Mini Review

K-Pin & K-Pin Mini

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  • Ease of use
  • Good looks
  • Love those SSOCC coils


  • No power or temp adjustments
  • No airflow adjustment

Kangertech celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 16, 2017. To mark that milestone they introduced a new series of products under the AKD banner (Advanced Kangertech Design). As of this writing there are six products in that line and one of them has already spawned a sequel. Those two products are the K-Pin and the K-Pin Mini.

The biggest differences in the K-Pin devices are size and battery. The K-Pin has a 4 ml capacity tank while the K-Pin Mini has a capacity of 2 ml. The K-Pin has a 2000 mAh battery while the K-Pin Mini has a 1500 mAh battery. Both of these batteries are internal and rechargeable via the micro USB port on the side of each device with the included charging cable.

Each K-Pin comes with 2 SSOCC coils, those with the K-Pin are 0.2 ohm SS and the coils with the K-Pin Mini are 0.5 ohm NiCr. Both devices operate at “Full Power Output,” meaning there is no power or temperature adjustment. There’s not even adjustable air flow. These devices are designed to be simple and easy to use.

Each is a top filler, just unscrew the drip tip assembly and pour ejuice directly into the tank. To change coils unscrew the coil base from the bottom of the tank to change the coil. When using a new coil be sure to prime it by placing a few drops of ejuice directly into the center of the coil and onto the cotton that’s visible through the ejuice flow ports. Then reattach the coil base and fill the tank, allowing the coil to soak for a few minutes before vaping.

Both of the K-Pin models are slim and cylindrical. And they each have a unique adjustable drip tip. Twist the drip tip cover to raise or lower the drip tip to your preferred height.

There’s a single button, the fire button, on each and a series of LEDs. Turn the K-Pin on or off with five clicks of the fire button. The LED acts as a battery meter and warning indictator for low resistance, overheating, and short circuit. When charging the display will illuminate and all the lights will be lit when the battery is fully charged.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X K-Pin or K-Pin Mini 
  • 2 X SSOCC Coils (0.2 ohm SS in K-Pin, 0.5 ohm NiCr in Mini) 
  • 1 X Charging Cable 
  • 1 X Manual

Performance: For devices as simple as the K-Pins they each put out a pretty impressive amount of vapor and flavor. Battery life is decent, I’ve been getting a pretty decent work day worth of vaping between charges.

Features: Each K-Pin model is designed to be simple, so the short list of features is to be expected. Kangertech has highlighted that telescopic drip tip, and it’s a nice touch, but certainly not a deal breaker either way. The inclusion of 2 coils with each model is a nice touch. The biggest feature for the K-Pin models is simplicity of use. Just fill the tank, charge the battery and you’re vaping. For many, especially new vapers, that’s probably going to be the biggest feature.

Quality: Kangertech has always made high quality devices, and the K-Pin pair continue that tradition. The finishes are sleek, the components fit together snugly and easily. And those SSOCC coils produce a decent amount of vapor and pure flavor.

Looks: The K-Pin models are two of the best looking cylindrical devices I’ve ever used. The colors are rich and deep. They each fit well in the hand and are comfortable to hold.

Price/Value: Kangertech shows the K-Pin with a list price of $34.00, but has it available now for $30.60 and the K-Pin Mini with a list price of $17.90 and marked down now to $15.90. Even at full list price, those are pretty good deals for devices that are this simple to use and produce this much vapor and flavor.

Either would make a wonderful back up device for any vapor and if you have someone in your life who’s been considering vaping either K-Pin model would be a great introduction.

Personally I prefer the full sized K-Pin a little, I like it’s bigger tank and more substantial feel in my hand. But either of these devices is going to serve you well.

I vaped with both the K-Pin and K-Pin Mini for weeks with a variety of ejuices. Each device performed well and produced more than adequate vapor and full, pure flavor. Kangertech provided the K-Pin and the K-Pin Mini for the purpose of this review.

Find out more and order the K-Pin here and the K-Pin Mini here.

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