First Look: REV GTS 230W Mod

I didn’t know much about REV Tech until Ave40 sent me one of the REV GTS 230W mods. OK, to be honest, I’d never heard of REV until that package from Ave40 arrived. So I did a little research. REV Tech currently markets three mods, all of them are inspired “by the automotive and race spirit.”

There’s the NITRO, SPORT and the GTS. The GTS is “the Grand Tourer of the REV range.” It features an HD screen, ergonomic design, and dedicated menu button. The REV GTS comes with a REV keychain, manual and charging cable. It’s powered by two external 18650 batteries, not included, which can be charged while in the device via the micro USB port on the side of the mod.

Like most devices, the REV GTS 230W mod turns on with five clicks of the fire button. You can lock the device with three clicks of the fire button. There are four buttons on the side of the mod, the fire button the “+:” and “-” buttons and the “M” button, which is a dedicated menu button. Short pressing the menu button will cycle through the display colors.

The GTS will operate in variable wattage mode with a range of 5 – 230 watts. In temperature control mode it has a range of 212° – 572° F and 100° – 300° C. It will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.08 – 3.0 ohm. It also has 6 TCR settings available.

To enter the menu system long press the menu button. Cycle through the options with the plus and minus buttons and make your selection by pressing the fire button. The first option is operating mode or “Power TCR”. Select “Power” or variable wattage mode, “SS,” “Ti1,” “Ni200” or TCR.

If you select “SS” you’ll then need to choose between SS304, SS316 or SS317. Then choose your temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius. TCR has 6 customizable options. Next option is “Bypass,” which makes the mod act like an unregulated device. The next option is “Preheat,” and you can set wattage and seconds.

Color mode gives you the option of selecting the color of the display, which you can also do outside of the menu system by quick pressing the menu button. The next option is Dashboard. In the device I received there are only two options, but there will be more available with a firmware upgrade.

Display allows to set the amount of time the display will remain illuminated. In the brightness option you can adjust the brightness of the display. In Time Settings you can set the time and select if the clock displays when the mod is idle. The last two options are Factory Reset and Turn Off.

I attached a SMOK TFV8 Tank to the REV GTS 230W Mod and gave it a first vape. The first thing I noticed was how substantial this mod feels. It’s on the heavy side, feels very well made. I set the mod in Power mode (variable wattage) at 95 watts. It read the coil as 0.16 ohm.

The mod fired immediately upon pressing the fire button and pumped those 95 watts through the coil to produce a healthy amount of vapor. I upped the power to 100 watts and the response was once again immediate. The REV GTS increases power in 0.1 watt increments, even when you get it above 100 watts. Many mods will only display 3 digits, but the REV GTS maintains that 0.1 scale.

For this introduction to the REV GTS 230W Mod I was pretty impressed. I like the display, the dedicated menu button and especially the responsiveness of the mod.

I’ll be using the REV GTS 230W Mod extensively over the next few weeks and will then post a full, in-depth review. To be notified of when that review is live, follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to our friends at Ave40 for supplying the REV GTS 230W for review. Ave40 is a Seven Report advertiser. They offer it in green, red and blue for $99.00. To find out more about it and order one, click here.

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