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  • Well blended flavors
  • Smooth vapor
  • Great aroma


  • Chocolate flavor may be a little mild for die hard chocolate lovers

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this review was first published Alternate Cig has rebranded as Vape Craft. Some of the prices listed here may no longer be valid. We have updated the product page link to the new Vape Craft website.)

Don’t you just love it when something good comes out of a bad situation? I know I do. Take the delectable, flaky pastry we know as the Danish. The story goes that back in 1850 bakery workers in Denmark went on strike. Well, the Danes love their pastries and baked goods, what else do they have to look forward to during those long, cold winters. And the bakery owners wanted to keep their doors open. So they hired foreign bakers. Some of them came from Austria and they brought with a recipe for a multi-layered, laminated pastry they called “Plundergebäck”.

Once the strike was over the Danish bakers went back to work and they made some changes to that Austrian recipe, using more eggs and butter. They called this improved version of the pastry “Wienerbrød” or “Viennese bread”. That’s the name what we refer to as a Danish is still called in much of Northern Europe.

No matter what you call it, or how you dress it up, or what you top it with, it’s delicious. One of my favorites is a cinnamon Danish. So when I read the description of Hypno ejuice from Alternate Cig I was ready for a real taste treat. I was not disappointed.

The flavor profile of Hypno is listed as cinnamon Danish swirl, caramel and double chocolate. Mmmm, it just sounds wonderful. The Alternate Cig website describes Hypno saying, “If you have ever been hypnotized or seen someone get hypnotized you know that it’s no joke and genuinely legit, right? Tick, tick, tick…as Hypno swings his pocket watch back and forth you fall into a heavier and heavier trance. He is the man with the power to charm, calm and control. You are now in his control and only he can snap you out of it. ‘At the snap of my fingers you will fall in love with the taste of my Hypno eliquid. 1, 2, 3…SNAP!’ This is a never ending hypnosis. enjoy Hypno!”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Ratio      50/50

As soon as I cracked the seal on the bottle of Hypno I knew I was in for something special. That pre-vaped ejuice has a rich, slightly chocolate, slightly cinnamon scent. The inhale provides a soft, creamy hint of chocolate with definite notes of cinnamon. But the cinnamon manages not to be too overpowering. On the exhale the cinnamon remains and there’s just an essence of something creamy, it’s that caramel.

Hypno has a smooth, slightly warm vapor and a mild throat hit. The aroma boasts cinnamon, chocolate and just a dash of that light, smooth caramel. While cinnamon is the flavor and scent that most stands out, these tastes are blended so well that none actually dominates to the point of overwhelming the others.

Hypno bottleI found Hypno to be a wonderful vape, but then, I am partial to cinnamon in my ejuice. Still, this is not solely a cinnamon vape. But if you’re expecting a deep, dark, primarily chocolate vape, that’s not Hypno either. I especially enjoyed vaping Hypno while relaxing with a cup of coffee, and often found myself losing track of time as I vaped it. I guess they picked the right name for this ejuice.

Alternate Cig offers Hypno in 10 ml bottles for $4.95 and 30 ml bottles for $8.93. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG and 18 MG. All of the Alternate Cig label ejuice come in a 50/50 PG/VG mix.

Alternate Cig refers to this line as “the more classic flavors.” They also offer the Vapors Anonymous line, calling that label “a gourmet unique blend of flavor infusions.”

I was introduced to the folks at Alternate Cig because of that Vapors Anonymous line, James from Vape-Resource.com had a hand in developing those flavors, and asked me to do some reviews. I reviewed The Sponsor and VapeAholic (click on those names to read those reviews).

Alternate Cig is offering a 20% discount when you enter the code “YouTube20” at checkout on their website.

I vaped Hypno in a Kangertech Subtank Mini powered by a Kangertech KBOX Mini. Alternate Cig provided the bottle of Hypno I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Hypno from AlternateCig.com.

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