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  • Not too tart
  • Not too sweet
  • Nice aroma
  • Smooth finish


  • Slight tart apple tongue bite

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this review was first published Alternate Cig has rebranded as Vape Craft. Some of the prices listed here may no longer be valid. We have updated the product page link to the new Vape Craft website.)

I try not to make too many assumptions, cause you know what they say about doing so right? They tend to be wrong. And I try to keep my expectations on the low side; I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

I especially try to stay in that mindset when I’m sampling a new flavor of ejuice for review. Try as I may though, once I’ve read the flavor description of that ejuice my taste buds form their own expectations and set themselves for a specific flavor experience. Sometimes those expectations are met almost exactly. Other times, not so much and my taste buds are to one degree or another disappointed. And on rare occasions those expectations are surprised by a taste that’s better or more than what I was anticipating.

That’s what happened with The Sponsor ejuice, one of the flavors in the Vapors Anonymous line from Alternate Cig. The flavor profile for The Sponsor is green apple, juicy center of peach and more fruit. With that information my taste buds were ready for some heavy duty tartly sour Granny Smith Apple notes. But what The Sponsor provided was just a hint of that tartness along with the juicy, slightly sweet essence of ripe peach.

The official description of The Sponsor reads, “The word ‘sponsor’ should conjure thoughts of a guide or someone to look up to. We know you have a vaping habit and we are here to show you the way. However, we don’t frown on vaping, we absolutely love it and we want to be your guide to find delicious flavors. The Sponsor will guide you and is an eliquid you can look up to. You can count on it to show you the way. Its fruitful notes encourage you to vape more of its sweet scent and you will never forget the face of your first sponsor–blue eyes and bright blonde hair–the sponsor never failed you.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Mix         50/50

The Sponsor is a wonderfully fruity blend. The inhale does provide a hint of that tartness that green apples are known for, and if you pull just a little too hard it’ll playfully nibble at your tongue. But that tartness quickly gives way to the unique juicy sweet essence of fresh, ripe peach. On the exhale the peach remains, joined by a subtle blend of other sweet fruits that are happy to remain nearly anonymous, though once or twice I thought I may have detected something akin to cherry.

The vapor is smooth and a little warm. The throat hit is in the light to medium range. Sweet, very ripe peach along with the faint scent of juicy green apples dominate the very pleasant aroma.

The Sponsor bottleThe overall experience of vaping The Sponsor is a lot like taking a bite from a big green apple and then taking two bites from a juicy ripe peach, refreshing and satisfying. I vaped The Sponsor over two days with no flavor fatigue at all. This is an excellent choice for any vapor who loves fruity ejuices that are juicy but not overly sweet.

All of the ejuices in the Vapors Anonymous line come in a 50/50 PG/VG mix. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG and 18 MG. Alternate Cig offers The Sponsor in 10 ml bottles for $5.49 and 30 ml bottles for $9.47.

Alternate Cig uses Kosher USP grade VG/PG, FEMA GRAS flavorings and 99.99% pure nicotine. They never add sweetener or water.

Right now you can get a 20% discount when you enter the code “YouTube20” at checkout on their website,

I vaped The Sponsor in a Kangertech Subtank Mini on a Kangertech KBOX Mini. Alternate Cig provided the bottle of The Sponsor I sampled for the purpose of this review.

I want to especially thank James at for introducing me to the folks at Alternate Cig. James was involved with the flavor development of all of the ejuices in the Vapors Anonymous line. Alternate Cig also carries a line of what they refer to as “more classic” flavors under the Alternate Cig label. I’ll review one of those flavors in the next few days.

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