First Vape Mail From V8P Juice

V8P Juice logo 01It’s vape mail! This time from V8P Juice International of  Delray Beach, FL. V8P Juice calls their ejuice plant based. The PG is made from non GMO corn and the VG is 100% pure USDA certified organic. Their standard PG/VG ratio is 30/70, but they can mix it 50/50 if you request.

V8P Juice offers their ejuice with nicotine levels of 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 MG, and the nicotine they use is NicSelect. The droppers are color coded to indicate nic level, black for 0, white for 3 MG, yellow for 6 MG, orange for 12 MG and red for 18 MG.

Their ejuice comes in glass dripper bottles; 10 ml for $10, 30 ml for $20, 120 ml for $75 and a whopping 250 ml for $125.

Today’s shipment included four of their eight flavors:

V8P Juice Mail 01Sweet Geisha: Our strawberry/vanilla milkshake with sweet cream, will have you begging for more.

Last Samurai: Our mouth watering triple watermelon never gets put down without a fight.

Latin Lover: Our tangerine/mango sweet mint with hints of kiwi and watermelon, just how she likes it.

Blonde Bombshell: Our triple vanilla custard with hints of flan and sweet cream. What a beauty!

I’ll be vaping each individual flavor exclusively for a few days and then presenting an in depth review of each one. The first review, I think we’ll go with Sweet Geisha, should be up on Seven Report and our You Tube channel before the end of the week, with the rest to follow every couple of days. If you follow Seven Report on Facebook or Twitter you’ll be notified when each new review is live that way. So keep checking back.

To find our more about V8P Juice International and their plant based juice, and to order, visit them online at


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