First Look: Yocan Favotank

yocan favotank 001Yocan had me intrigued the first time they contacted me about reviewing their new tank, the Favotank. The big differentiater for the Favotank is what Yocan calls a wickless coil. It employs a ceramic stick in the coil instead of cotton or fabric. According to Yocan this provides a purer flavor.

The Favotank holds 4.8 ml of ejuice and has a Pyrex drip tip. It has a four-way airflow adjustment with openings of 1.25 mm, 2.5 mm, 6.5 mm and a whopping 9.5 mm. Yocan packages the Favotank with two OCC (organic cotton coil) heads, one rated at 0.2 ohm and the other at 0.5 ohm, and that wickless ceramic coil, rated at 0.5 ohm. It also comes an extra Pyrex tank.

Announced in March, the Favotank is not yet available, Yocan still hasn’t decided on a suggested price. They’ve sent out a number of units to reviewers and are listening to feedback, tweaking things here and there. I hope they haven’t finished that tweaking yet.

I’m writing this “First Look” article several days after I shot the accompanying video because I’ve been communicating with the folks at Yocan about my experience with the Favotank. Keep in mind, this is just a “First Look,” not a full, in-depth review, that will come, but I want to give Favotank the opportunity to make a few more tweaks (and send me updated product reflecting those tweaks) before I do a full review. But that review will be forthcoming, and sometime soon, whether or not I receive improved versions of the product.

Here’s the problem, none of the coils included with the Favotank I received were capable of keeping up with my vaping. They do not wick ejuice quickly or efficiently enough, especially that wickless ceramic coil. In the “First Look” video you’ll see me take my first hit from the Favotank and mention that the flavor was good, the cinnamon in the ejuice (Cinanutz from Vapes Gone Wild) really popped. And it did, on that first hit. I also mention in that video that it seemed a little warm and the longer I vaped the warmer it seemed to get. “Warmer” was an understatement. It burned my throat, dry hit after dry hit.

Now after allowing the tank to sit for several minutes that first hit was once again pretty good. But that’s where “pretty good” ended and dry hit city began. It was nearly as bad with the OCC heads installed. Those ejuice ports on the coils are just too small. Now in all fairness I was vaping a Max VG ejuice. So to give the Favotank every opportunity I went to Vapes Gone Wild and picked up an 80/20 PG/VG mix of Cinanutz. The results with the thinner ejuice? Identical.

Favotank open boxI communicated this to Yocan and we’ve exchanged a number of emails since. We’re trying to determine which generation of the coils I received. They claim that they’ve made some adjustments and some reviewers have said that the improved coils work much better. I’m hoping I didn’t receive those “improved” coils, because if that’s “much better” then the originals must have been dreadful.

Making matters worse, Yocan claims a wattage range of 20 – 50 watts for the ceramic coil, 20 – 60 watts for the 0.5 ohm OCC and an amazing 20 – 150 watts for the 0.5 ohm OCC. (I actually edited that range out of the “First Look” video, believing I must have misread it.) I had to crank my Eleaf iStick 50 Watt mod down to 20 watts just to keep from frying my throat on both the ceramic and the 0.20 ohm OCC coils.

It’s my hope that Yocan sends me a couple of the latest coils that actually work. There are a lot of positives about the Favotank, and the concept of ceramic coils with purer taste and longer life is, I believe, a good one. But no matter how many positives this tank has, if the coils can’t wick ejuice efficiently enough to prevent dry hits then the whole thing is worthless. Keep checking back, I hope to have better things to say about the Favotank in the in-depth review.

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