First Look: Coil Master DIY Kit

There’s just something about a new set of tools that makes you want to tackle a new project, or, as is the case for me, a new skill. Coil Master sent me their DIY Kit. It’s a great looking set of tools for building coils. My experience in this area is quite limited, but the Coil Master DIY Kit has inspired me to finally dive into the world of rebuilding.

The kit seems to be very complete. It includes an ohms meter, two pairs of pliers, one needle nose and the other a “flush cut” set or wire snippers, a pen style screwdriver, scissors for trimming your wick, an elbow tweezer and a tweezer with ceramic tips for adjusting your coil while firing it to assure even heating. It also comes with what Coil Master refers to as the Coil Master Coiling Kit, or a set of jigs for easy, uniform coil wrapping. Also included is a handy plastic parts box. It’s all packaged in a sturdy, padded zipper case.

Coil Master DIY OpenRight after I shot the accompanying “First Look” for the DIY Kit, I went to my local vape shop and picked up some Kanthal wire. Over the course of the next days I’ll be familiarizing myself with the kit and making my first attempts at wrapping coils. Once I’ve progressed to the point where I’m not embarrassed of my handiwork, I’ll come back with a full in-depth review of the Coil Master DIY Kit.

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Learn more about the Coil Master DIY Kit.

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