First Look: V2 Pro Series 3

The versatile V2 Pro Series 3 has been around for awhile,but it’s still being reviewed and getting pretty high marks. Our friends at Toronto Vaporizer sent one for a Seven Report review.

The V2 Pro Series 3 comes with the Pro Series 3 battery, a charging cable and an e-liquid cartridge or tank. V2 also makes cartridges for loose leaf and essential oil vaping. The cartridge connects to the battery magnetically and the battery will recognize which type of cartridge is attached and operate accordingly.

To fill the tank unscrew the drip tip (the only part of the Series 3 with threads) and drip in the ejuice. Slide the cartridge back into the battery with the small circle with the ejuice icon aligned with the notch on the battery. There are two narrow windows on the battery so you can view your ejuice level.

Turn the Series three on or off with three quick clicks of the fire button. The charger attaches to the bottom of the battery magnetically. When charging the LED will glow red and change to green when it’s fully charged.

I filled the cartridge with Juicy Grape premium ejuice from 7 Seas E-Eliquid and allowed the coil to soak for about five minutes. Three quick clicks of the fire button and the V2 Pro Series 3 was ready to vape.

The first thing I noticed was that the draw is incredibly tight. This also makes it pretty quiet, but I would sacrifice a little of that silence for a slightly looser draw. Vapor and flavor production were about what you’d expect from a device of this sort, minimal but bearable.

I can see how this would be a decent first vape for someone just giving up cigarettes, the vapor production is a little better than what you get from an analog ciggie. But that draw is much tighter. I hope it loosens up a little with use.

I’ll be using the V2 Pro Series 3 extensively for the next week or two and then will post a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when that review is live. Thanks to our friends at Toronto Vaporizer for providing the V2 Pro Series 3 for review.

You can order the V2 Pro Series 3 from Toronto Vaporizer here. To order in US dollars click on the little flag icon near the top of the product page.

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