First Look: Pulse BF Box Mod

Vandy Vape, Seven Report’s newest review product supplier, offers two versions of the Pulse BF Box Mod, the original and one listed on their website as “New Panel.” The latter is the model they sent for review.

The Pulse is an unregulated device, meaning there is no circuit board to regulate the power coming from the battery, no display, no wattage or temperature adjustments. The Pulse is also a squonker. It comes with an 8 ml capacity, food grade silicone bottle.

The Vandy Vape Pulse is powered by a 20700 battery and comes with an adapter that enables you to use an 18650 battery. The device has a locking power safety switch so you can make sure the mod won’t accidentally fire if you’re carrying it in a pocket.

The side panels are removable and Vandy Vape offers a wide variety of panels in different colors and designs.

I put the 18650 sleeve on a ProDNA 18650 35 amp battery, filled the squonk bottle with Butter Rum ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild and attached a Kangertech Subdrip RDA to the Pulse BF Mod. I dripped some ejuice directly onto the cotton and gave the bottle a couple of squeezes and let the ejuice soak into the cotton for a few minutes.

With nothing to adjust, the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod is very simple to operate. Just hit that oversized fire button and vape. The vapor and flavor production were both very good. The bottle is extremely soft and feeds the RDA with ease. It makes an audible sucking sound when it refills with air and pulls excess juice back down out of the RDA.

The only potential danger with that soft bottle is that you may have trouble getting it back inside the mod after filling it without accidentally squeezing some ejuice out of the bottle.

I took the back panel off and flipped up the safety switch and the device did not fire, just as it was designed to do. Operating that switch is also pretty easy and the panels come off and go back on with no problem.

I’ll be using the Pulse pretty extensively over the next few weeks and will then post a full, in-depth review. Follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook to be notified when that review is live.

Vandy Vape’s partner retail website shows the Pulse with a list price of $49.99 but marked down as of this writing to $30.99. You can find out more about it and order it here.

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