First Look: Kangertech UBOAT Starter Kit

Kangertech has sent one its newest and simplest products for a Seven Report review. It’s the UBOAT Starter Kit. The UBOAT takes its name from its sleek, submarine-like shape. It features a “smart air-control on/off button,” which means all you need to do is fill the tank, attach it to the battery and vape.

Kangertech packages the UBOAT Kit with one UBOAT mod (battery) a UBOAT Tank, a specialized charging dock and a manual. The device is powered by an internal 550 mAh battery. The tank (cartridge) has a 2 ml capacity and has a ceramic 1.5 ohm coil. The coil and tank or cartridge are a single unit.

Simply pull the cartridge off the battery, pull the stopper out of the bottom of the tank and fill the tank. This, at least at first look, is perhaps the major advantage to the Kangertech UBOAT as compared to other cartridge system, you can use whatever ejuice you like. Other cartridge systems that I’ve used and seen use proprietary cartridges that come pre-filled, limiting your choice of flavors to those offered by that manufacturer.

Kangertech does suggest you use a 50/50 PG/VG ejuice in the UBOAT. Once you’ve filled the tank, put the stopper back in and click it onto the battery. Give the coil a minute or so to absorb the ejuice. Then simply inhale and you’re vaping.

Charge the unit with the included USB charging dock. While charging the LED will glow red. The LED glows green to indicate a full charge.

I filled the 2 ml tank with Obsession ejuice from J Well and allowed the coil to soak for a few minutes. On the very first inhale both vapor and flavor production were very light. But as I vaped a little longer both increased, with the macadamia note of the Obsession becoming more noticeable.

The Kangertech UBOAT is not a cloud chasing device by any measure, but, then again it isn’t supposed to be. The draw is on the tight side. The biggest advantages to the UBOAT, at least in this early stage of my using it, are it’s sleek size that makes it extremely convenient to carry. The second is the fact that you can use whatever ejuice you want in it. Most of the other cartridge type devices I’ve used and seen, like the MyBlu Kit and JUUL, have proprietary pre-filled cartridges that limit your choice of ejuice to those flavors made by the manufacturer.

I’ll be using the Kangertech UBOAT extensively and will publish a full, in-depth review. To be notified when that review is live, follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook. Kangertech provided the UBOAT Starter Kit and a 3-pack of replacement cartridges for the purpose of a Seven Report review.

Kangertech lists the UBOAT Starter Kit for $15.36. They list a 3-pack of replacement UBOAT cartridges for $6.84.

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