First Look: Kangertech Protank 4

Kangertech has revitalized the Protank line with the brand new Protank 4. Since the last addition to the Protank line, the Protank 3, Kanger has introduced the Subtanks, Toptanks and the CLTanks.

The new Protank 4 looks like a total redesign. Kangertech calls it “One tank for all vapers.” Kanger includes two SSOCC (stainless steel organic cotton coils, the stainless steel is the housing) coils with the Protank 4, one 1.5 ohm nichrome coil and one of their new 0.5 ohm ceramic coils. The ceramic coil head is made from tungsten wire fused with ceramic material. The ceramic coil comes already installed in the tank.

p 4 海报2016-4-27Kangertech suggests a wattage range of 10 – 26 watts for the 1.5 ohm nichrome coil, which they say is suitable for mouth-to-lung inhale. The 0.5 ohm ceramic coil has a suggested wattage range of 35 – 60 watts and, according to the manual, is suitable for direct lung inhale. The Protank 4 will accept any of Kangertech’s SSOCC coils, including Nickel 200.

Also included with the Protank 4 is newly designed Velocity style RBA, which Kangertech calls the Pro RBA. It’s a dual coil design and comes with dual clapton coils already installed. Ejuice capacity is 5.0 ml with an SSOCC and 4.0 ml with the Pro RBA. Kanger also packages the Protank 4 with an RBA accessory kit that includes a package of organic cotton and two extra, pre-wrapped clapton coils.

The Protank 4 has two Pyrex windows that is not replaceable, so handle carefully. There are two adjustable airflow ports on the base of the tank and the drip tip also has two adjustable airflow ports.

Protank 4 on KBOXThe marketing material for the Toptank 4 says it’s “top and side filling,” but that’s a little misleading. It would be more accurate to say it’s top/side filling. To fill the tank you twist the top cover until you can see the red O-ring. Then you up the top cover to reveal the ejuice fill hole. Twist the fill hole cover to open the hole and fill the tank. The manual suggests holding the Protank 4 on its side to make filling easier. This fill system also qualifies as a child lock.

The Protank 4 Kangertech sent for a Seven Report review is a pre-market version, so there may be some tweaks coming before it’s available through retail, which Kanger tells me should be “very soon.” Their website lists the suggested price at $35.90. It will be available in black, red, silver or white.

Protank 4 contentsI left the ceramic coil installed in the Protank 4 and filled it with ejuice. Be careful to fill this tank slowly, I managed to spill a little ejuice on the first try. With the tank attached to the Kangertech KBOX 200 watt mod I set the mod at 40 watts, fully opened the airflow on the base of the tank and the drip tip and gave it a first vape.

Vapor production was good to excellent and the flavor was rich. Next I cranked the wattage to 45. The vapor was just a tad warmer. Finally I bumped the wattage to 47.5 and didn’t notice much difference. The draw on the Kangertech Protank 4 seemed a little tight, even with all of the airflow ports wide open, though it was fairly quiet.

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I’ll be using the Kangertech Protank 4 pretty extensively over the next week or two and then I’ll post a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when the review is live. Thanks again to our friends at Kangertech for supplying the Protank 4 for Seven Report to review.

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Our friends at DirectVapor, a Seven Report review product supplier and advertiser, has the Kangertech Protank 4 available for pre-order for $28.95 here.

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