First Look: HS+ Cygnus

Hangsen has been known for its ejuice since 2009. They recently launched a hardware brand, Hangsen Plus, or HS+. Their very first product is the Cygnus, an 80 watt, temperature control mod packaged with a top filling tank. Cygnus is also a constellation, the word coming from the Latinized Greek word for swan, which the constellation resembles.

The Cygnus mod is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included), and HS+ suggests using a battery rated over 30A. The logo side of the mod is a magnetic battery cover. The unit powers on when you insert a battery. You can turn off the Cygnus via the menu and turn it back on with five clicks of the fire button.

Hangsen Plus includes a charging cable in the package so that you can charge the battery while it’s in the Cygnus via the micro USB port on the front of the mod.

In temperature control mode the Cygnus will fire Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils. It has a temperature range of 220° F – 580° F and 100° C – 300° C with temperature adjustments in single degree increments. In wattage mode the range is 10 – 80 watts with adjustments in single watt increments. The HS+ Cygnus will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.1 ohm – 1.0 ohm.

To do anything but fire the Cygnus you first must enter the menu system with five clicks of the fire button. To scroll through the sub menus press the fire button. Inside each sub menu use the “+” and “-” buttons to scroll through the options. The first sub menu is to turn the unit off. Next is the mode selection, wattage (power) or temperature control. If you choose power you can then set your wattage with the “+” or “-” buttons.

If you choose temperature control you’ll then be prompted to choose the type of coil, Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel. Then your temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius. And finally you’ll be prompted to set the temperature. The next menu option allows you to flip the orientation of the OLED screen by 180°. The final menu option is to exit the menu system.

Once you’ve left the menu mode just press the fire button to vape. If you press the “-” button in temperature control mode from the main screen, nothing happens. Pressing the “+” button cycles through the three presets; M1, M2 and M3. To adjust those settings press the “-” button with the setting you want to adjust displayed on the OLED. Then adjust temperature with the “+” or “-” button and assign that temperature to that preset by pressing the fire button.

In wattage mode there are three activation or working modes; soft (SO), standard (ST) and powerful (PO). From the main screen press the “-” button to cycle through the working modes. The HS+ Cygnus also has three presets for wattage mode. Selection and adjustment of these presets works the same in wattage mode as it does in temperature control mode.

The Cygnus tank is top filler with a 2 ml ejuice capacity. To fill it, unscrew the drip tip and place your dripper or tip of the ejuice bottle in one of the two fill ports. The tank comes with a 0.2 ohm Nickel coil installed and a spare in the box. It has airflow and ejuice flow control. Simply twist the bottom collar to adjust airflow. To adjust ejuice flow hold the bottom of the tank firmly and gently twist the top of the tank.

Be sure to prime a new coil before using it for the first time by dripping a few drops into the center of the coil and on the cotton visible through the ejuice ports.

I filled the tank with ejuice, let the coil saturate and then give the HS+ Cygnus a first vape. I had it set at 340° F (the temperature I assigned to that first preset “M1”) with the airflow and ejuice controls wide open. Vapor and flavor production were both good, especially for that relatively low temperature. Next I went to the M2 preset, which I’d programmed at 375° F and saw a fair increase in both vapor and flavor. At 400° F, setting M3, the vapor was significantly increased and the flavor was popping.

I’ll be using the HS+ Cygnus extensively over the next week or two and then will post a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when that review is live.

Hangsen Plus and the Cygnus are both so new that they have not yet listed a suggested price or order options. If those details are available by the time I post the review I’ll be sure to include them.

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