First Look: Dura True Starter Kit

Dura True Starter prod 01In their most recent shipment to Seven Report, American eLiquid Store included a Dura True starter kit. Labeled as “Tobacco Mild Cigarette Eliquid Kit,” it contains everything a new vaper needs to get started vaping. The package includes an EVOD tank, 650 mAh battery, USB charger and 15 ml bottle of Dura True mild tobacco flavored ejuice. Dura True also offers the kit in bold tobacco, mild menthol and bold menthol flavors.

I like this kit. When I first started vaping I opted for a tobacco flavored ejuice, thinking I’d be more likely to stick with vaping and stay away from smoking if the flavor was familiar to me. And I believe this is probably true of many vapors. The fact that the kit includes everything you need to start vaping right out of the box is also pretty smart. This is a pretty basic system, but that’s also smart, since it’s targeted at new vapers. There’s nothing here to intimidate someone going from smoking to vaping.

I’ll be using the Dura True starter kit over the next few days and then doing an in-depth review. And I’ll also enlist a current smoker who’s been toying with the idea of vaping, have him give it a try and see how on target Dura True is with this product. Follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook to be notified immediately upon the publication of that review.

Thanks again to Jason and the folks at American eLiquid Store for providing the Dura Smoke starter kit for my evaluation.

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