First Look: blu PLUS+

One of the best selling brands of cigalikes, blu, recently released a new model, the blu PLUS+ Recharageable Kit. The new blu Plus+ boasts a longer lasting battery and larger capacity cartridges, what blu now calls blu Tanks.

The blu PLUS+ kit comes with a rechargeable pack, two batteries, a wall charger, USB cable and three Classic Tobacco flavor tanks. In the shipment they sent me blu also included three packs of three other flavor tanks, Vivid Vanilla, Magnificent Menthol and Cherry Crush. They also offer Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps and, for a limited time, Carolina Bold.

blu plus contentsOne of the biggest advantages the blu PLUS+ is its convenience; the rechargeable kit stores and charges one battery and has room to store three flavor tanks and a fully assembled battery and tank. All of that is slim enough to easily fit in a pocket.

The blu Tank easily screws onto the battery. Then all you have to do is take a drag. I fully charged the pack and then charged one of the batteries. I decided to start with the Vivid Vanilla for a first vape on the blu PLUS+. The results were about what I expected, but disappointing all the same. Vapor production was minimal and the flavor was neither vivid nor especially like vanilla. It tasted to me like what I’d expect from a vanilla flavored tobacco cigarette.

blu plus tanks 4It seemed I had to draw especially hard, much more than even on a traditional tobacco cigarette, to get anything near a lung full of vapor. Yet I will continue to use the blu PLUS+ extensively enough to do a full, in-depth review. That should take about a week. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when the review has been posted.

Thanks to blu for providing the PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit for a Seven Report review.

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