Eleaf iJust D16 Battery Review

Eleaf iJust D16 Battery













  • Great looking
  • Vape while charging
  • Variable voltage
  • Sharp LED display


  • Voltage adjustment ring a little tough to operate
  • Placement of LED display a little inconvenient

The Eleaf iJust D16 is a great looking, solid, feature-rich stick battery. When I first opened the box I was taken by the looks of the iJust D16, slender, sleek, glossy brilliant white. This is a beautiful battery. It feels substantial, but not too heavy, in my hand and its 125 mm length makes it seem even more impressive.

The Eleaf iJust D16 is a 1700 mAh tube, pen, stick (choose your favorite adjective for this type of mod/battery) battery. It’s dual eGo/510 threaded, so it’ll accept most tanks, though,  because of its 16.5 mm diameter, not all tanks are going to look good on it. It charges via a micro USB port located on the side of the battery and you can continue vaping while charging. The iJust D16 has a sharp LED display located on the bottom of the battery that shows battery level, a puff timer and displays voltage when you’re adjusting it.

There’s a single button on the iJust D16. Push it five times to turn the battery on or off and hold it in to fire the device. Around the button is the voltage adjustment ring. Rotate the ring clockwise to increase voltage and counter clockwise to decrease voltage, adjustments are in 0.1 volt increments. The LED display shows the voltage as you adjust it. You can adjust the voltage from 3.3 to 5 volts with a maximum wattage output of 10 watts.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X iJust D16 1700 mAh battery
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: The iJust D16 does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. It fires when you push the button. And with that 1700 mAh capacity, it’ll fire for a solid day or more of vaping. Even when the battery needs charging you can continue vaping thanks to its pass through capability.

Features: For a stick battery in this price range, the iJust D16 has a pretty impressive set of features. The 1700 mAh capacity is pretty healthy, powering your vaping for hours. And its pass through capability means you can keep vaping while charging. Add to that the variable voltage function and the iJust D16 is feature rich.  Eleaf offers the iJust D16 in four colors, white, black, silver and pink. The only thing missing from the package is a charger.

Quality: Eleaf has a solid battery with the iJust D16. It feels substantial and fires when you push the button. The LED display is sharp, clear and bright. The only thing less than perfect on this battery is the voltage adjustment ring. It’s a little tough to grasp firmly, especially for someone with pudgy fingers like me, and its operation could be a tad smoother. The only quality issue I’ve noticed is that according to the owner’s manual and online documentation I’ve seen, that LED display is also supposed to include a puff counter, but the manual doesn’t tell you how to access it. And now matter how many times I’ve fooled with the fire button and the voltage adjustment ring, I can’t figure out how to display the puff count. Either Eleaf decided not to include a puff counter after the manual had been written, the writer of the manual forgot to include instructions on it, or I’m missing something.

iJust D16 screen grabLooks: Here’s where the iJust D16 really stands out. The model I tested is brilliant white. The finish is glossy and smooth. The Eleaf  and iJust D16 logos really pop, especially against the white. When I put a white EMOW tank on the iJust D16 I was reminded of a piccolo or magic wand thanks to the long slender shape of that configuration.

Price/Value: American eLiquid Store (who provided the iJust D16 for this review) has the battery available for $30.99. Not a bad price for such a good looking, feature packed battery. You’re not going to find many batteries of this type with as many features; variable voltage, pass through capability, LED display and striking good looks, for much cheaper. But the thing is, you won’t have to pay much more to move up to a significantly higher powered mod. American eLiquid Store has the Eleaf iStick, with a max output of 20 watts, listed at just $9 more than the iJust D16. Maybe they’ve under priced the iStick, but if you have only $40 to spend and want a variable voltage mod, I’d have to recommend the iStick, which is also variable wattage, has a 2200 mAh battery and comes with a charger .

Having said that, I’ve been very pleased with the iJust D16. I’ve used it pretty extensively with the Kanger EMOW and Aspire Nautilus Mini tanks. It powers each tank well, producing loads of vapor. And I can’t say enough good things about how good it looks. If you’re an intermediate vaper, or a beginner who’s ready to move up from an EVOD type set up, then the iJust D16 would suit you well. And if you’re in the market for a stick battery with lots of features as a back up, the Eleaf iJust D16 would be an excellent choice.

American eLiquid Store provided the Eleaf iJust D16 I tested for the purpose of this review. They offer it for $30.99 and have it in stock in white, black and pink.

American eLiquid Store LogoYou can order the Eleaf iJust D16 online from AmericaneLiquidStore.com 

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