Dura Smoke Peach Chill EJuice Review

Dura Smoke Peach Chill EJuice




Taste Authenticity









  • Cool peachy flavor
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Cool vapor


  • Light hit
  • Menthol may be a tad strong for some tastes

Picture a peach. Now picture a peach with arms and legs. And a pair of skis. Now imagine that peach on skis carving its way down a mountain covered with fresh powder at Vail. Finally, picture taking a big bite out of that peach. That’s the series of images that ran through my head when I took my first hit of Peach Chill ejuice from Dura Smoke.

I’m not sure what that stream of consciousness says about me, but I do know what it says about Peach Chill. It’s an icy peach based flavor, the taste of the peach riding the cool menthol like that personified peach of my (potentially troubled) mind’s eye cruising down a snowy hill.

The official description of Peach Chill says it pretty well, “In our humble opinion, there’s not much in the world that tastes as good as Peach Chill: an enticing combination of peach and menthol, blended together in perfect harmony. Upon inhaling, you’ll get the refreshing, juicy peach taste that’s explosive and satisfying. When you finally let loose your billowing cloud of vapor, expect a mild cooling that’s smooth and refreshing. The best part: Peach Chill performs like a champ all the way down to the last drop, ensuring that each bottle is worth its weight in deliciousness.

Peach is meant to be a staple for fruit vapers and Peach Chill lives true to this expectation: satisfying even the most hardcore fruit enthusiasts with a vibrant and enjoyable flavor that gets harder and harder to put down after each long draw.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Ratio      0/100

I’m not a huge menthol fan, but I did enjoy Peach Chill. On the inhale the primary taste is that of peach, an icy peach, but peach nonetheless. The menthol, while present and noticeable on the inhale, takes a front seat on the exhale, but the peach is there all along.

Peach Chill provides a great deal of cool vapor. And the menthol, along with the 100% VG and low nicotine level of the batch I sampled, keeps the throat hit of Peach Chill on the very mild side. Where the peach really dominates is in the aroma. Those billowy clouds of vapor are unmistakably peach, and that enhances the overall experience.

Peach Chill-Dura Smoke 02If you’re a fruit ejuice fan, especially if you’re a fan of peach, I think you’ll really enjoy Peach Chill. The peach serves to take the edge off of the menthol, which in some ejuices can be rather sharp and overbearing. I especially enjoyed Peach Chill late in the afternoon, when my internal battery was starting to wear down a little. That cool, icy vapor is a real pick-me-up.

American eLiquid Store offers Dura Smoke Peach Chill ejuice in 10 ml bottles for $6.99 and 30 ml bottles for $16.99. Nicotine levels are available in 6 MG increments from 0 to 24 MG. Dura Smoke comes in two label varieties, Blue Label, which I sampled, which comes in a 100% VG mix, and Red Label which comes in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. I tested Peach Chill in a Kangertech Subtank Nano powered by an Eleaf iStick. American eLiquid Store provided the bottle of Dura Smoke Peach Chill I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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You can order Dura Smoke Peach Chill ejuice online from AmericaneLiquidStore.

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