Chocolate Mint EJuice Review

Chocolate Mint




Taste Authenticity









  • Authentic flavor
  • Lots of vapor
  • Inviting aroma


  • Minimal hit

It is ingenious in its simplicity. Chocolate and mint, together. Each flavor enhancing the other, performing a balancing act so nearly perfect as to be almost acrobatic in nature. The story goes that Europeans were the first to mix the two flavors. It was in an effort to smooth out the often bitter taste of the natural chocolate that was being imported from the New World. We don’t know the identity of the culinary mastermind who first blended the two flavors, but I hope he or she is occupying a place in eternity befitting their confectionery contribution.

Peanut butter and chocolate may be the more popular taste combination, but chocolate mint, with its unique ability to simultaneously refresh and satisfy, is the only flavor that will do in certain situations. When was the last time you were offered a peanut butter cup after a good meal at a fine restaurant? Never, that’s when. A chocolate mint is the de facto after dinner offering.

When two flavors are blended in an ejuice, it has been my experience, that often one taste overwhelms the other. But that is not the case with Chocolate Mint from DuraSmoke. The official description of Chocolate Mint ejuice is, “There aren’t many flavors that pair as well as chocolate and mint: whether it’s mint chocolate chip ice cream or an Andes Candy! Now, you can add Chocolate Mint DuraLiquid to the mix and enjoy this amazing combination of flavors in vapor form. We’ve crafted a flavor that has just the right amount of balance, allowing you to experience both sides of this flavor without being overpowered one way or another. And, each time you exhale a cloud of vapor, you’ll get the full effect: taste, smell and satisfaction.”

And each flavor is present, each complementing the other, not fighting each other. The taste is at once minty and sweet, but not too much of either. It’s a smooth taste, with a bit more chocolate on the inhale and mint on the exhale, like the chocolate layer of an Andes Candies Creme de Menthe melting away to reveal the mint center.

 The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     24 MG
PG/VG Ratio      0/100

American eLiquid Store provided Chocolate Mint from DuraSmoke’s Blue Label, which is 100% VG. That mix provides loads and loads of vapor. But very little throat hit. If you want a little more hit, and are willing to sacrifice a little vapor to get it, you might want to try Chocolate Mint from their Red Label, which is a 50/50 PG/VG mix. (I haven’t sampled the Red Label variety, so I can’t verify that the difference in PG/VG ratio won’t affect the taste.) The aroma of Chocolate Mint is delicate and pleasing, much like that of an Andes Candies mint. The flavor is mild enough that Chocolate Mint could be an all day vape. But even if it’s not among your favorites, you’re almost sure to enjoy it after a good meal, or with a cup coffee.

American eLiquid Store offers DuraSmoke Chocolate Mint ejuice in a 10 ml bottle for $6.99 and a 30 ml bottle for $16.99. Nicotine levels are available in 6 MG increments from 0 MG to 24 MG. Blue Label varieties are a 100% VG mix and Red Label ejuices are mixed with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. I tested Chocolate Mint in a Kangertech Aerotank Mega powered by an Innokin iTaste MVP 2. American eLiquid Store provided the bottle of Dura Smoke Chocolate Mint I tested for the purpose of this review.

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