Cassis Blackcurrant EJuice Review

Cassis Blackcurrant




Taste Authenticity









  • Full flavored
  • Not too tart
  • Lightly sweet


  • Hit is a little strong
  • Blackcurrant is an acquired taste

There’s a tartly sweet taste treat that is probably unfamiliar to many in the United States, but it’s quite popular in the U.K., Europe and parts of Asia, the blackcurrant. It was fairly common in the states, until the early 1900s when the U.S. logging industry pressed the federal government to ban currant farming because blackcurrants are carriers of white pine blister rust.

That federal ban was shifted to the individual states in 1966. New York lifted the ban in 2003, and several other states soon followed. Blackcurrant farming has been experiencing something of a comeback in New York, Vermont, Connecticut and Oregon.

blackcurrants on vineBlackcurrant has a strong, tart flavor and is often mixed with apples in jams and jellies. It’s also fairly common in juices and in alcoholic beverages in the U.K. I’ve had blackcurrant flavored tea. And now blackcurrant based ejuice, Cassis Blackcurrant from epuffer.

ePuffer describes Cassis Blackcurrant Ejuice, saying, “In creating the Blackcurrant Cassis eliquid, the flavors are carefully selected for you . When Blackcurrant and apple liqueur are mixed strategically it creates a strong flavor synergy that makes you feel satisfied. This flavor intensive eliquid makes it an excellent meal vape choice.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level       6 MG
PG/VG Ratio         70/30

Cassis Blackcurrant is a full flavored vape. The taste is tart with just enough of the apple to take the sharpest edge off that tartness. On the exhale there’s a little lingering apple liqueur essence.

The vapor is light and smooth and the throat hit is solid, medium to almost heavy. Cassis Blackcurrant has a slightly sharp, lightly sweet aroma that’s fruity and fresh.

For American vapers Cassis Blackcurrant ejuice will probably be a unique, yet enjoyable flavor experience. It’s sweet enough to not be overly tart, juicy and an excellent choice for an after dinner vape.

Black currant bottle-boxePuffer offers Cassis Blackcurrant ejuice in 30 ml bottles for $17.95. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 6 MG and 12 MG. ePuffer mixes Cassis Blackcurrant in a PG/VG ratio of 70/30, which may partially explain that strong throat hit.

I vaped Cassis Blackcurrant in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid tank on a VaporFi VOX TC 50 watt mod. ePuffer provided the bottle of Cassis Blackcurrant ejuice I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Cassis Blackcurrant ejuice from ePuffer.

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