Burning Wicks EJuice Review

Burning Wicks

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Taste Authenticity









  • Authentic strawberry flavor
  • Warm, smooth vapor
  • Creamy finish
  • Delightful aroma


  • May be a little sweet for some

Can you ever really have too much of a good thing? Think about it, what good things do you enjoy and can you ever picture yourself having too much of them? Me either. And I’ve recently found another good thing to add to that list of which I can’t get too much of. It’s Burning Wicks ejuice from Stella Blues Vapors.

Odd name for an ejuice, Burning Wicks. You certainly don’t want to vape anything that tastes like burning wicks. But the name doesn’t describe the flavor of this ejuice, it’s a warning of sorts. Burning Wicks is so good that you’re liable to vape through wick after wick. Stella Blues Vapors describes Burning Wicks as, “An extravagant sub ohm bakery blend consisting of ripened strawberries, cheesecake batter, and a smooth milky finish in this luxury of vapes! You will be vaping it so much, you’ll be burnin’ them wicks!!”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Ratio      25/75

Burning Wicks is true to its description and to what I’ve come to expect from Stella Blues Vapors ejuices, especially their bakery flavored ejuices, which they seem to have perfected. I knew this was going to be an extraordinary vape as soon as I opened the bottle and that creamy sweet strawberry scent wafted up to my nostrils.

flaming wickStrawberry is the dominant taste in Burning Wicks, sweet, fresh, juicy strawberry. But its dominance isn’t so complete as to overshadow the other flavors. On the inhale there’s the strawberry first. And then a subtle creamy pastry note, cheesecake, mild but complementary. It serves to buffer that sweetness and the occasional tendency of strawberry to have a slight tart bite.

On the exhale the strawberry is still there, but bathed in silky, creamy note that creates an extremely smooth finish. The vapor itself is a little warm, creamy and plentiful. Burning Wicks has a mild throat hit. The aroma is, like the flavor, dominated by strawberry with a slight pastry and cream undertone.

I vaped Burning Wicks for a couple of days, relishing every minute of it. It’s smooth, rich, full-bodied, sweet and satisfying. As soon as I read the description and saw that it’s in the Stella Blues Vapors’ Sub Brew line, I knew it would be the first ejuice I tried in my Kangertech Subtank Plus with the mini RBA installed. The vapor production was great with the 0.5 ohm OCC coil installed, but with the mini RBA it produced enormous clouds.

If you’re a fan of strawberry based ejuice, like your vape sweet and your clouds billowy, then Burning Wicks is an ejuice you owe it to yourself to try.

sbv burning wicks bottleBurning Wicks is from Stella Blues Vapors’ growing Sub Brew line of ejuices. They offer it 15 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml glass dripper bottles for $11, $17 and $28. Nicotine levels are available in 2 MG increments from 0 to 10 MG, though Stella Blues Vapors recommends not going above 6 MG if you plan to sub ohm any ejuice. All of the ejuices in Stella Blues Vapors’ Sub Brew line are mixed in a 25/75 PG/VG ratio.

I vaped Burning Wicks in a Kangertech Subtank Plus (using both the 0.5 ohm OCC coil and the mini RBA deck) powered by an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt mod. Stella Blues Vapors provided the bottle of Burning Wicks that I sampled for the purpose of this review.


Order Burning Wicks from Stella Blues Vapors.

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