Angel Tibbs Vaping Story

Angel Tibbs shared a little of her story in the comments section of our You Tube channel (under the Good Bye Tobacco Road video). She also subscribed to the channel; thanks Angel! Great chatting with you.

Angel makes some excellent points about supporting our local vape shops, staying informed on the issues and getting involved in protecting our right to Embrace The Vape.

I’ve shared Angel’s comments and our conversation via You Tube, with her permission, here. Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.

YouTube avatarAngel Tibbs
Started vaping after smoking for 36 years.  Am a grandma who is now a pomegranny.  🙂 Did my first 6 months on gas station cigalikes, but dual used with roll your own tobacco till my nonsmoking adult son got me an Ego.  I am happy with Egos, but want the variety and the community for every smoker who has been lied to, fleeced and poisoned by Big Tobacco.

We have the money that everyone is jonesing for, so please support your local vape shops with your wallets, and the lawmakers who are not against tobacco harm reduction with your votes.  Nothing succeeds like a good idea whose time has come.  Vape on!

SR utube avatarSeven Report
Couldn’t agree more Angel! Embrace The Vape! And thanks for subscribing to the channel. I hope you’ll also check out the website: Thanks again.

YouTube avatarAngel Tibbs
Will do – I got here due to VP Live Radio Show that had Vapemestoopid as their guest, which led to that John Ashcroft thing…I love it!  Bout time vapers started challenging the BS.

Btw, I consider, since the Ego, I have been smoke free since Feb 14, 2014.  Could not quit in any other way, and THAT is who the awesome flavors are REALLY for…smokers who could quit no other way.

Luckily, we former smokers talk to each other, and no ones found a way to ban that yet.  🙂

SR utube avatarSeven Report
Mind if I share your story on the website?

YouTube avatarAngel Tibbs
Not at all.  Go for it.

Thanks again to Angel for visiting the You Tube channel and sharing her story. We’d love to know how you gave up tobacco and started vaping. Just leave your story in the comments section below. Embrace The Vape!

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