Good Bye Tobacco Road

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I was a tobacco smoker for more than 40 years. I started when I was somewhere around 14, back when you could buy a pack of Marlboro Reds for 50 cents. Over the years, as the price crept higher and higher, I swore that I’d quit when it got to $1 a pack. Well, that day came and went and I kept smoking. The price went to $2, $3, $4 and still I kept sucking on those cancer sticks.

Then this past March, with yet another birthday on the horizon, I decided it was time to at least give some serious consideration to quitting. So I did a little research on electronic cigarettes and picked up a Blu starter kit. I like it well enough, but not enough to give up tobacco. The Blu just didn’t satisfy quite as well.

In July of this year my sister visited us in Georgia. She’d been a smoker for almost as long as I had been. But on this trip she didn’t have any cigarettes. She’d gotten off of Tobacco Road and hopped on the Vape Train. She was sporting an Evod2 from Kanger Tech, and she loved it. Hadn’t had a tobacco cigarette since she’d purchased the Evod2 a few months before.

After my sister left, my wife went to one of our local vape shops, Vapes Gone Wild in Newnan, GA, and got her own Evod2 starter kit. Meantime, I went out and picked up another pack of Blu flavor cartridges. And I made a valiant effort to use the Blu in place of tobacco. I actually got to the point where I was smoking only three (or four) analog smokes per day; first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, and then one after lunch and another after dinner. But my wife didn’t pick up another cigarette at all, hasn’t still.

The Evod2 starter kit, from Kanger Tech, my ticket onto the Vape Train.

Once I’d gone through that pack of Blu cartridges I accompanied my wife to Vapes Gone Wild so she could pick up another bottle of ejuice. I had planned to leave the vape shop and go find another pack of Blu cartridges that cost a little less than the $16 I had paid at the corner gas station a few days before. But once I got inside Vapes Gone Wild I started looking around, talking to the staffers and within about 10 minutes I’d bought an Evod2 starter kit of my own.

That was about a week and a half ago. I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette since. Don’t feel the urge to. My only regret about hopping on the Vape Train and getting off Tobacco Road is that I didn’t do it years earlier.

If you’re a smoker, I encourage you to try vaping. If you don’t smoke and don’t vape, I’d encourage to NEVER start either. But, again, if you’re sucking in all of the poisons of tobacco cigarettes on a regular basis, please give vaping a try.

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Here’s the video version of this story.


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