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Black iStick 50You know you’re not well when  vape mail comes on Wednesday and you don’t open it until Thursday. Especially when you know that the box contains a new Eleaf iStick 50 watt! That’s what American eLiquid Store sent for a Seven Report review! But I’d been knocked out for more than a week with an upper respiratory infection. So that package sat on the table for 24 hours before I was up to opening it.

Sure enough, it contained the new Eleaf iStick 50 watt! That’s one of the newest items American eLiquid Store has added to their inventory over the past few weeks. And there is much more, including several new premium lines of ejuice. I’m expecting samples from one of those new lines in the next few days. Here’s hoping this infection clears up soon, it’s making my vape taste terrible, and I really want to try out the new iStick and those premium juices soon!

I’ll have a first look at the Eleaf iStick 50 watt in the next day or so, and then an in-depth review within a week, give or take. Keep checking back. And if you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified that way.

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You can order the Eleaf iStick 50 watt online from

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