VOX TC 50 Watt Review

VOX TC 50 Watt













  • Quality build
  • Temperature control
  • Full lock mode
  • Slim size


  • USB Port on bottom of unit
  • Temperature change in 10 degree increments

VaporFi has quietly been establishing a reputation for well built, high quality products and master craftsman level ejuices. They recently introduced their first temperature control mods, the VOX TC 100 watt and, the subject of this review, the VOX TC 50 watt. VaporFi believes so deeply in the VOX TC that they’ve discontinued the VOX II variable wattage mod, which was quite a fine device.

The VaporFi VOX TC has a variable wattage range of 5 – 50 watts, adjustable in 0.1 watt increments. In temperature control mode the VOX TC has a range of 200° – 600°F in 10° increments. It will fire nickel coils in temperature control mode and kanthal coils in variable wattage mode, and accepts coils with resistance from .05 ohm to 2.5 ohm. The VOX TC is 510 threaded with a spring loaded pin.

vox tc 50 silver officialVaporFi includes a rechargeable 18650 battery and a USB charging cable so that you can charge the battery while it’s still in the VOX TC, via the USB port on the bottom of the device. And you can vape while the battery is charging, thanks to its pass through capability.

There are three buttons on the VaporFi VOX TC, the fire button, located above the OLED screen, and the “+” and “-” buttons, located below the display. You turn the device on and off by pressing the fire button five times.

Set the resistance of a new coil, at room temperature, by pressing the fire and “-” buttons at the same time. To switch back and forth between temperature control and variable wattage modes hold in both the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. This will display “Working Mode.” Press the fire button to select this mode and then the “+” or “-” button to choose “Temp” or “Power” and press the fire button select one.

To adjust the temperature, press the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time, again displaying “Working Mode.” But this time press the “+” or “-” button to display “Temp Adjust” and press the fire button. Then the display will show the temperature in Fahrenheit. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to change the temperature in 10° increments. Once you’ve reached your desired temperature press the fire button to set it.

In either temperature control or variable wattage modes you can adjust the wattage from the main screen simply by using the “+” and “-” buttons. Changes to wattage are in 0.1 watt increments.

In temperature control mode the display will show a battery meter, selected temperature, resistance of the attached coil and your selected wattage. In variable wattage mode the display shows the battery meter, volts, resistance and wattage.

You can lock the VOX TC by pressing the fire and “+” buttons at the same. The lock feature of the VaporFi VOX TC is a total lock down, disabling both temperature and power change buttons and keeping the VOX TC from firing at all. To unlock the device press both the fire and “+” buttons again.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X VOX TC Mod 
  • 1 X 18650 Battery 
  • 1 X USB charging cable
  • 1 X User’s manual

Performance: Like every other member of the VaporFi VOX family, the VOX TC is a dependable and solid performer. I’ve been using it primarily in temperature control mode and getting 8 – 12 hours of vaping on a fully charged battery.

vox tc 50 black in hand 01The buttons are easy to find, thanks in large part to the flat front of the VOX TC, and have a both a tactile and slightly audible click when you press them. Once you’ve run through the menu of adjustments a time or two they become quite intuitive and easy to operate. But not so easy as to accidentally change your mode or temperature setting.

Features: VaporFi has given the VOX TC some excellent features, temperature control being the most obvious. Since VaporFi released the VOX TC some other mods have come onto the market that allow you to use virtually any type of coil in temperature control mode. While that’s not the case with the VOX TC (or the vast majority of temperature control mods), Nickel 200 coils are widely available and generally cost about the same as standard coils.

VaporFi is one of the few manufacturers to include an 18650 battery and that’s a major plus. The inclusion of the micro USB charging cable and the VOX TC’s pass through charging capability are also solid features.

And VaporFi has given the VOX TC all of the standard safety features; short circuit, reverse batter, low voltage, low resistance and temperature protection. Also overheating prevention and high voltage warning.

There’s only one feature that I wish VaporFi would have tweaked, and that’s the increments of change in temperature control mode. The VOX TC will only allow you to adjust temperature in 10 increments, I would have much preferred to be able to change temperature in single degree increments.

Quality: VaporFi has delivered another high quality device in the VOX TC. It’s solid, well made and dependable. It feels substantial without being too heavy or bulky. The buttons are solid, responsive and don’t suffer from looseness or rattling like those on some cheaper devices.

The threading on both the 510 connector and the battery compartment is smooth. The OLED is easy to read, bright and crisp and provides all of the information you need at a glance. And VaporFi does have that industry leading 30 day guarantee and 90 day warranty on the VOX TC.

The only minor quality issue is the placement of the micro USB port on the bottom of the device. Putting it there makes it almost impossible to charge the VOX TC while it’s standing upright, which means you run the risk of ejuice seepage with some tanks if you leave them attached to the mod while charging.

VOX TC-Mini-IILooks: The VOX TC is a nice looking mod. It’s available in black and silver. The front of the unit is flat and the back is curved, making it very comfortable to hold and easy to find the controls. It’s about the same height as the VOX II and the same width as the VOX Mini, making it very easy to store in a pocket or purse.

The OLED is sharp and easy to see in most light. And the silver of the buttons really pop, especially on the black model. And that logo really looks good.

Price/Value: This is not a cheap mod, nor is it inexpensive. VaporFi lists the price of the VOX TC at $169.99. Yes, you can find similar devices for less money. But it’s hard to beat the quality that VaporFi builds into their mods.

VaporFi is not a discount vendor or manufacturer. Their products, including the VOX TC 50 watt mod, are high end, quality devices. They do not compete on price but on quality and service. The VOX TC carries a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee and a 90 day warranty. They offer live, U.S. based customer service six days a week.

VF VOX TC official 01Add to all of that the dependability of the VOX TC, the inclusion of an 18650 battery, micro USB charging cable, pass through charging and all of the other features and suddenly that price tag doesn’t seem out of line. And my guess is that the VOX TC is going to be the last mod you’ll need to buy for quite some time. I’m still using both the VOX II and the VOX Mini on a regular basis and they keep on firing.

I’ve been using the VOX TC for a little more than two weeks now. I’ve used it with the Kangertech Subtank Plus Black Edition with a nickel 200 coil and the VaporFi Volt Hybrid tank with a nickel 200 coil and a variety of ejuices. It provided a wonderful vaping experience every time.

VaporFi provided the VOX TC 50 watt mod for the purpose of this review. And VaporFi is a Seven Report advertiser.


Order the VOX TC 50 watt mod from VaporFi.

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