VaporFi Rebel 3 Review

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  • Simple operation
  • Sleek & good looking
  • Includes wall adapter


  • Occasional dry hits with high VG ejuice

If you’re looking for simple, elegant and powerful, you’re looking for the VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit. The kit comes with the 5.8 ml capacity, bottom filling Rebel 3 tank and the 3000 mAh Rebel 3 battery.

It doesn’t get much more simple than the Rebel 3; fill the tank, attach it to the battery and start vaping. Nothing to set, nothing but the airflow control to adjust. The VaporFi Rebel 3 has a sleek, elegant cylindrical shape that fits comfortably in your hand and is small enough to easily carry in a pocket.

VF Rebel 3 tank blackTo fill the tank, simply unscrew the top of the tank from the atomizer base and fill it with ejuice. If you’re using a new coil prime it by dripping a few drops into the center of the coil and a few on the cotton that’s visible through the ejuice flow ports. Then reassemble the tank. Allow the coil to soak for about 10 minutes to make sure it’s fully saturated before vaping.

You can adjust the airflow by twisting the collar on the atomizer base. To turn the Rebel 3 battery on or off click the fire button five times. Charge the Rebel 3 via the micro USB port on the unit using the included charging cable and wall adapter. The Rebel 3 has pass through capability, meaning that you can continue to vape while it’s charging, but doing so will slow down the charging process.

The Rebel 3 has a small light. When the battery is fully charged the light will blink slowly when you fire the battery. It flash more quickly when it’s time to charge the Rebel 3.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Rebel 3 Tank 
  • 1 X Rebel 3 Battery 
  • 2 X 0.5 ohm coils (one installed) 
  • 1 X micro USB charging cable 
  • 1 X Wall adapter 
  • 1 X User manual

Performance: The VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit produces loads of vapor. The internal 3000 mAh battery lasts for a full day of vaping. And it powers on every time you hit that fire button.

VF Rebel 3 black batteryIf the Rebel 3 has one shortcoming it’s the size of the ejuice ports on the coils. They’re relatively small and there are only four of them. That means the coils sometimes have a hard time wicking up enough ejuice to keep up with your vaping, especially you draw aggressively. This seems to be aggravated with high VG ratio ejuices. I have occasionally experienced a dry hit when I draw too hard.

Features: A simple, straight forward device like the Rebel 3 doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. And that’s by design, it doesn’t need them. The features that VaporFi does package into the Rebel 3 are fairly impressive. There’s the 5.8 ml capacity of the tank, the 3000 mAh internal battery, and the stainless steel construction. Add to that two 0.5 ohm coils, a charging cable and wall adapter and the Rebel 3 is a complete package.

And of course there’s that 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee and 90 day warranty that VaporFi offers on all of their products.

Quality: Every single product I’ve reviewed and used from VaporFi has been of the highest quality. And the Rebel 3 Starter Kit is no exception. The construction is solid. Threading is smooth and flush. The fire button is durable and shows no wiggling or rattling. The Rebel 3 has a substantial feel in my hand, a well built piece of equipment.

Looks: VaporFi continues to up its game when it comes to the looks of its products. The Rebel 3 is a stunning looking kit. It’s cylindrical shape and finish, deep rich color all add up to this being an elegant looking set up.

Price/Value: VaporFi lists the Rebel 3 Starter Kit at $119.99. That’s not cheap. But it’s not outrageous either. VaporFi is known for its high quality, long lasting devices and that’s the Rebel 3.

Rebel 3 componentsIf you’re looking for a vape that’s dependable, solid and uncomplicated, the Rebel 3 meets all of those criteria. This would be an ideal device for someone just beginning to vape and/or anyone who just can’t be bothered with the complexities of temperature control or variable wattage. You want a device that you just fill with ejuice and vape? You want the VaporFi Rebel 3.

I vaped with the VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit for about a week and a half with a variety of ejuices. VaporFi provided the Rebel 3 I sampled for the purpose of this review. VaporFi is a Seven Report advertiser.


Order the Rebel 3 Starter Kit from VaporFi.

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