Update: SUBOX Mini Retail Version

SUBOX Drip Tips
The white drip tip is from the final, retail version, the black one is from the pre-release version.

After a couple of days using the retail version of the Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit White Edition I’ve found only a few differences between it and the “engineer” or pre-release version that I originally reviewed. Unless Kanger has slipped some improvements into the chip or circuitry in the KBOX Mini that are so stealthy that I haven’t noticed them (and I haven’t noticed any), then the only changes are cosmetic.

The big change is that with the retail version Kanger has included two drip tips. A white one and a black with the White Edition and a black one and a red one with the Black Edition. Those drip tips are also slightly longer than the the drip tips that shipped with the engineer versions. The other color coordinated element that either I missed in earlier reviews or that Kanger changed for the retail version is the micro USB charging cable. The White Edition comes with a white cable and the Black Edition comes with a black cable.

All of the other details, specs and information of the SUBOX Mini Kit remain as stated in the original Seven Report review.

white subox retail 01In the next few days Seven Report will publish a head-to-head comparison of the Kanger KBOX Mini and the Eleaf iStick 50 Watt box mods. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Face Book you’ll find out that way when that comparison has been posted.


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Order the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit in black.
Order the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit in white.

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