REV GTS Mod Review














  • Loads of power
  • Good looking display
  • Solid construction
  • Dedicated menu button


  • A little pricey for some

My introduction to Rev-Tech came with a package from Ave40, a Seven Report advertiser and review product supplier. They sent the REV GTS 230 Watt Mod. Rev-Tech is based in the UK with production facilities in China.

As of this writing they make three mods, all of them “inspired by automotive and race spirit.” The fact that they only make three mods (at least at this moment) leads me to believe that Rev-Tech is serious about building quality products. And my first experience with the company confirms that belief.

The GTS is the “Grand Tourer of the REV range.” It has the highest max wattage of the REV mods, with a range of 5 – 230 watts. The GTS is powered by two external 18650 batteries (not included) which can be charged while in the device via the micro USB charging port on the side of the mod.

Turn the GTS on with five clicks of the fire button. You can only turn the mod off via the menu system. In addition to variable wattage (VW) mode the REV GTS also fires in temperature control (TC) mode and 6 customizable TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) available.

There are 4 buttons on the side of the GTS, the fire button, which resembles an accelerator, the “+” and “-” buttons and a dedicated menu button, labeled “M”. Use the increase and decrease buttons to adjust wattage or temperature and to cycle through options in the menu. By short pressing the “M” button you can change the color of the display. And by pressing the fire button 3 times you can lock the mod.

Long press the “M” button to enter the menu system. The first option is “Power/TCR” with the choices of “Power” or VW mode. In this mode the wattage range is 5 – 230 watts. The next 3 options in this menu are SS, Ti1, Ni200 or TCR. If you choose SS your next choice will be the specific type of SS. After choosing a TC coil material you can select your temperature scale. In Fahrenheit the range is 212° – 572° F, in Celsius the range is 100° – 300° C. There are also 6 customizable TCR modes to choose from.

Other sub-menus are “Bypass,” “”Color,” “Dashboard,” “Display,” “Brightness,” “Time,” “Factory Reset” and “Turn Off.” For a more detailed look at these menu options, see our “First Look” post.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X REV GTS 230 Watt Mod 
  • 1 X Charging cable 
  • 1 X Manual 
  • 1 X REV key chain

Performance: With a max output of 230 watts, the REV GTS has no problem powering any coil I’ve attached to it. I’ve been using the SMOK TFV8 tank on the GTS, with a variety of the available coils for that tank. The GTS has fired every one of them flawlessly. The fire button is responsive, pumping power through the coil instantly.

Features: Just about every vaper should be able to find a feature that they really like on the GTS. For advance vapers the inclusion of 6 customizable TCR settings will be a huge benefit. That max 230 watt output is enough to satisfy just about anyone and will fire anything you attach to the mod. I personally like that dedicated menu button. It makes it very simple to access all of the options available. And the selectable dashboards and color schemes will please the fashionistas.

Quality: The REV GTS 230 is a solid, high quality mod. It’s a little heavy, but not bulky. The buttons all work easily and the display is clear, bright, sharp and easy to read. The magnets on that battery compartment hold that door on so well it can be a little challenging to open it.

Looks: This is one of the best looking mods I’ve seen in some time. It has sleek lines and deep rich colors. That full color display and the automotive motif all work together to make this an extremely attractive device.

Price/Value: Ave40, who supplied the REV GTS 230 Watt Mod for review, lists the mod for $99. That’s not cheap. But it’s not out of line either. Given the high quality, good looks and outstanding performance of the REV GTS, this is a solid price point. The REV GTS is going to be the last mod you’ll need to buy for quite some time.

I’ve been using the REV GTS for about 3 weeks, and it’s quickly become a favorite. It feels great in my hand. The orientation of the buttons is comfortable and makes them all easy to access. I really like the clock that Rev-Tech included. Advanced and intermediate vapers will find everything they need in a mod here. And while it may be more than beginning vapers actually require, this a device that they can grow into and will use for a long time.

If the REV GTS is any indication of the quality of the rest of their mods, I’m hoping to get a shot at reviewing them as well.

I vaped with the REV GTS 230 Watt Mod with the SMOK TFV8 tank with a variety of coils. Ave40, a Seven Report advertiser, supplied the REV GTS I tested for the purpose of this review.

Find out more and order the REV GTS from Ave40 here.

(For details on Seven Report review methodology click here.)

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