Lumber Jack’s Delight EJuice Review

Lumber Jack's Delight

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  • Sweet maple flavor
  • Hint of cinnamon
  • Warm vapor


  • A little on the sweet side

Breakfast food is one of my favorite types of food, and not just for breakfast. My guess is that I’m not alone in that affection. There are entire restaurant chains specializing in breakfast foods, IHOP, Waffle House, Huddle House, which is kind of poor man’s Waffle House, and yes, I am aware of of that last statement’s propensity to be construed as an oxymoron.

Eggs, hash browns, bacon, cereal, I love all of that. But what I really enjoy are French toast, pancakes and waffles. After a little thought on that matter I began to wonder if what I really liked were those fluffy, hot stove top breakfast delicacies or what I generally pour, generously, over them. Maple syrup.

Whatever is really at heart of my affinity for breakfast foods doesn’t much matter, I only know that I love them, could eat them any time of day. And it’s one of the reasons I’m partial to ejuices that are in that flavor family. Like Lumber Jack’s Delight from Vapes Gone Wild. It’s one of the newest flavors on their menu, so new that I sampled it before it was placed on their website.

Vapes Gone Wild describes Lumber Jack’s Delight as “Creamy sweet maple syrup with just a hint of cinnamon. The perfect topping for flapjacks, get in touch with your inner lumber jack.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      6 MG
PG/VG Ratio      Max VG

When I eat pancakes or waffles or French toast I always seem to have a big puddle of left over maple syrup on my plate. I do my best to sop it up with that last little bit of whichever and then I’ll scoop u[ a couple of forkfuls, or as much syrup as I can get to stay on a fork, before I take the plate to the sink. Lumber Jack’s Delight reminds me of those last couple of forkfuls, it’s buttery smooth and syrupy sweet maple is the primary flavor on both the inhale and the exhale. There’s a hint of cinnamon on the inhale too, just enough to tempt you to take another draw, and then another.

Lumberjack delight bottleThe vapor is smooth, warm and creamy. The throat hit is mild. And the aroma is that of warm maple syrup, the kind someone took the trouble to heat up and put into a nice pitcher before placing on the table, so it melts the butter as it oozes over your flapjacks.

I vaped Lumber Jack’s Delight for a couple of days and never got tired of it. It was especially enjoyable in the morning with a cup of hot black coffee. If you’re a fan of pancakes or waffles or French toast with boatloads of maple syrup and just a dash of cinnamon, you’re really going to enjoy Lumber Jack’s Delight. This ejuice is a little on the sweet side, but that’s how good maple syrup is supposed to taste.

Vapes Gone Wild offers Lumber Jack’s Delight in 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml bottles for $4.99, $7.99, $12.99 and $18.99 respectively. Nicotine levels are available in 1 MG increments from 0 to 32 MG. And Vapes Gone Wild offers 16 different PG/VG mixes, from 100/0 to Max VG.

I vaped Lumber Jack’s Delight in a Kangertech Subtank Plus on an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt. Vapes Gone Wild provided the bottle of Lumber Jack’s Delight I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Lumber Jack’s Delight from Vapes Gone Wild.

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