Hawaiian Vape Mail

I believe this is the first vape mail we’ve received from Hawaii. It’s from our newest review product supplier, The Classic Vape Co. They started out as a brick and mortar vape shop in Honolulu and are beginning to offer their ejuice online.

Dan from The Classic Vape Co reached out to inquire about Seven Report reviewing some of the flavors in their Black Label line. The three flavors in this shipment are:

Club House “Sophisticatedly delicious caramel and double chocolate, leading the way to a cinnamon Danish swirl.”

Platinum Chalice “The juiciest blueberry, strawberry, banana and pineapple imaginable, sets the tone and the standard for this Smoothies quality eliquid.”

Legacy 650 “Succulently sweet lychee fruit, dominant amongst other fruits such as juicy lemon and sweet strawberry.”

The Classic Vape Co offers their Black Label line in 15 ml bottles for $7.95, 30 ml bottles for $14.95 and 120 ml bottles for $37.95.

I’ll be vaping each of these flavors over the next week or so and then will publish a full, in-depth review on each one. To find out when those reviews are live, follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook.

For more details on the Black Label line, and all of their other ejuice varieties, visit The Classic Vape Co.

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