First Look: Vaporesso Aurora Starter Kit

Our friends at Smokstore sent one of the most unique yet simple devices I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s the Aurora Starter Kit from Vaporesso. I’ve reviewed quite a few products that were “starter kits” but were targeted at advanced vapers. In the vape world, “starter kit” doesn’t always mean “beginner kit.”

The Vaporesso Aurora Starter Kit, on the other hand, seems like it is targeted at beginner vapers, at least in its operation. Like many of those cig-a-like and disposable vape devices, the Aurora has no buttons or adjustments of any type, not even a fire button. Simply fill the tank and vape.

Where the Aurora is really different is in its design. It looks like a Zippo lighter, even mimicking the “click” sound when you open and close it. A benefit of that flip top is that it keeps the drip tip hidden from view and collecting dust and dirt when you’re not vaping.

The Aurora Starter Kit has an internal 650 mAh battery. It has a max output of 12 watts. The removable tank has a 1.2 ml capacity. It comes with two 1.4 coils, one installed. The coils are SS316 with ceramic wicking material instead of cotton. Vaporesso says the ceramic provides purer flavor and longer life than cotton. The kit also includes a micro USB charging cable and manual.

Flip the lid of the Aurora up to open the unit. Spin the drip tip to an angle that’s comfortable for. When closing the Aurora be sure to spin the drip tip back to its original position. To change the coil and/or fill the tank pull up gently on the drip tip. Unscrew the coil from the bottom of the tank. If there’s ejuice in the tank be sure to turn it upside down. Fill the tank from the bottom before replacing the coil.

Put the tank back into the unit. The tank is held into the Aurora magnetically. There’s what Vaporesso refers to as a peek through window to view ejuice level. And that’s pretty much all there is, just adjust the drip tip to your desired angle and vape.

I primed the coil and filled the Aurora Starter Kit tank with Cherry Ice ejuice from the Eliquid Boutique and gave it a first vape.

For having a maximum output of 12 watts, the Aurora puts out a decent amount of vapor. The menthol really popped with the cherry taking a back seat on the flavor production with the Cherry Ice ejuice. The draw was on the tight side, but not objectionably so. Overall, not a bad experience for a first vape.

I’ll be using the Vaporesso Aurora Starter Kit pretty extensively over the next few weeks and will then post a full, in-depth report. Follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook to be notified when that review is live.

Thanks to our friends at Smokstore for providing the Aurora Starter Kit for review. They have it available black & red, black & gold, rose gold and gold for $26.00. Find our more and order it here.

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