First Look: Vapefly Nicolas Tank

Vapefly is one of then newest manufacturers in the vape industry. They were established in 2017. Their website lists three different tanks and a variety of replacement coils for each tank. Our friends at Heaven Gifts sent one of the Nicolas Tanks for reviews.

Technically the full name of this product is the Vapefly Nicolas MTL Flavor Tank. It’s a top filling tank with a 3 ml capacity. It comes with a 0.6 ohm coil installed and a replacement 1.8 ohm coil. Vapefly includes a replacement glass tube, extra O-rings and a manual.

To replace the coil unscrew the base of the tank and pull out the coil. Then just push the new coil into the atomizer tube, Vapefly refers to this as “Plug-Pull Mechanism”. Then simply screw the base back on. When using a new coil be sure to prime it by dripping a few drops of ejuice into the center of the coil and onto the cotton that’s visible through the ejuice flow ports.

Vapefly ships the tank with the Nicolas 0.6 ohm coil installed. It has a suggested wattage range of 18 – 25 watts. The replacement Nicolas 1.8 ohm coil has a suggested range of 9 – 13 watts.

To fill the Nicolas Tank unscrew the top cap and drip ejuice into one of the two fill ports. Replace the top cap and, if it’s a new coil, allow it soak in the ejuice for a few minutes before vaping.

The Nicolas Tank has five airflow holes on one side of the adjustment ring and a single hole on the other side. You can open or close the airflow holes in nine different combinations to personalize your vape.

I primed the pre-installed 0.6 ohm Nicolas coil and filled it with Cinnanutz ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild and let the coil soak for about five minutes and put the tank on a VaporFi VEX 150 TC mod. With the wattage set at 20 watts and the airflow fully open I gave the Vapefly Nicolas MTL Flavor Tank a first vape.

There was a slight cotton taste, like you get with many organic cotton coils, but that went away before too long. Vapor and flavor production was better than decent. With all five of the airflow holes open the draw was still a little tight and noisy. After a few hits I increased the wattage to 22.5 watts and the flavor started to pop, especially the cinnamon notes. For a lower wattage tank I was pretty impressed, especially since this is the first product I’ve tried from a very new company.

I’ll be using the Vapefly Nicolas MTL Flavor Tank extensively over the next few week and will then publish a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when that review is live.

Thanks to our friends at Heaven Gifts for providing the Vapefly Nicolas Tank for a Seven Report review. They have it available in black or stainless steel with a list price of $32.00 but right now they have it priced at $26.00.

Order the Vapefly Nicolas MTL Flavor Tank from Heaven Gifts.

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