First Look: Origo CVT

It’s billed as a “Complete Vaping Tube,” it’s the Origo CVT from rocVape. There are two products in the Origo family from rocVape, the CVT and the CVB, which is a box style device. Other than their shape, the devices are nearly identical. I’ll post a first look at the Origo CVB in a few days.

The rocVape Origo CVT is a svelte 118 mm long and only 19 mm wide. It’s powered by an internal 1600 mAh battery that can be recharged with the included micro USB cable. The internal top filling “CUP” tank is leak proof and has a capacity of 1.9 ml. There’s a max fill line on the body of the unit. To fill the tank unscrew the top cap and simply drip your ejuice into the tank.

rocVape includes 2 0.5 ohm coils with the Origo CVT. Before using a new coil for the first time be sure to prime it by placing a few drops into the center of the coil and on the cotton that’s exposed through the ejuice flow ports. Then attach the coil to the ASB chimney and reattach that assembly to the base of the device. If it’s a new coil, allow it soak in the tank for a few minutes before vaping.

To turn the Origo CVT on or off click the fire button five times. Then simply push the fire button to vape. There’s no variable wattage or temperature control, nice and simple. The rocVape Origo CVT operates at a constant 18 watts. The airflow is adjustable by twisting the airflow control ring.

The LED behind the fire button will flash when you turn the device on or off and will light when you fire it. When the LED flashes red eight times it means it’s time to charge the battery. That LED will blink green 15 times when it’s fully charged. If the LED flashes red three times it means there’s a short circuit on the coil.

I primed one of the 0.5 ohm coils and attached it to the ASB chimney. Then I filled the tank with French Vanilla ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild and inserted the coil assembly. After waiting about five minutes for the coil to become full saturated and opening the airflow control to about half way, I gave the Origo CVT a first vape.

As is the case with quite a few brands of organic cotton coils, there was a mild pre-break-in taste with the CVT, but that quickly went away. The draw was on the tight side, even after I’d opened the airflow control fully. But the flavor was solid, the softer notes of the French Vanilla coming through. Vapor production was decent. Certainly not competition level, but for a constant 18 watt output, vapor and flavor production were both better than I’d expected.

I’ll be vaping with the rocVape Origo CVT extensively over the next week or so and then will post a full, in-depth review. Follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook to be notified when that post is live.

rocVape offers the Origo CVT for $24.99. Order and get more information here.

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