First Look: Kangertech Spider Kit

Kangertech has just released another new product in their AKD series (Advance Kangertech Design), and they sent one to Seven Report to review. It’s the Spider Kit. I actually received the Spider Kit before Kangertech had any news about it on social media or their website.

The Kangertech Spider Kit comes with the Spider Mod, a Five 6 Mini Tank, two Tiger coils, each with three 0.6 ohm coils in parallel, a micro USB charging cable, a manual and a spare Pyrex tube.

The Five 6 Mini Tank is a top-filler with a 4 ml capacity. To switch coils unscrew the base of the tank and unscrew the old coil, replacing it with a new one. Before vaping be sure to prime the Tiger coil by placing a few of ejuice onto the cotton visible through the ejuice flow ports and allow the coil to soak for several minutes in a full tank before vaping.

Like the original Five 6 Tank, the Five 6 Mini has a selectable coil system. There are three sliders on the base of the tank, one each of the three coils. There’s an LED behind each slider. You can choose to have one, two or all three coils firing by pushing the corresponding slider to reveal the LED. When you fire the mod the LEDs will illuminate to let you that the selected coils are being fired.

With one coil activated the resistance is 0.6 ohm with a max suggested wattage of 60 watts. With two coils firing the resistance is 0.3 ohm with a max of 120 watts. When all three coils ar selected the resistance is 0.2 ohm and max suggested wattage is 180 watts.

To fill the tank, unscrew the top cap and place your dripper or the tip of the ejuice bottle into one of the fill ports. The Five 6 Mini has airflow control at the base of the tank. Spin the collar to reveal more or less of the airflow ports on either side of the tank.

The Spider Mod is powered by an internal 4200 mAh battery (two 2100 mAh batteries in series) that’s rechargeable via the micro USB port near the top of the unit using the included charging cable. It will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.05 – 2.5 ohm. The Spider Mod has awattage range of 10 – 200 watts and a temperature range of 200 F – 600 F and 100 C – 315 C.

To turn the Spider Mod on or off press the fire button, located on the side of the mod, five times. To enter the menu system press the fire button three times. Your first option will be to choose the output mode, PWR or variable wattage, or one of the temperature control modes, Ni, Ti, SS or one of the TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) modes, DIY1 or DIY2. Use the roller switch to cycle through the options and press the fire button to make your selection. The next option is flavor mode, Hard, Normal or Soft. Your selected output mode and flavor mode will be displayed on the OLED.

Other options in the menu system include working time setting, OLED brightness and locking or unlocking the mod. To adjust wattage or temperature setting us the roller switch. The OLED will display your output mode, flavor mode, your selected wattage or temperature, a vape timer, resistance of the attached coil and voltage. The lower portion of the OLED is a battery level indicator. There are five bars on the grid, each representing about 20 percent power. So when all five are lit the Spider Mod has between an 80 – 100 charge, etc.

I primed one of the Tiger coils and filled the tank with Snickerdoodle Cookie ejuice,one of the flavors in the FAQ line from Apollo. I activated one of the coils, set the wattage to 50 watts and opened the airflow about half way and gave it a first vape.

Vapor and flavor production were both impressive, especially for only 50 watts with one of the three coils firing. Next I activated a second coil and upped the power to 90 watts. Vapor production increase significantly and the vapor itself was a bit warmer. The flavor of that Snickerdoodle Cookie was really popping.

I activated the third coil and set the power to 150 watts. Vapor and flavor production each increased prodigiously. The vapor production was so extreme that I backed off the power to 120 watts and the vapor was still quite warm. At 100 watts the flavor and vapor were still both quite impressive and the temperature was a bit cooler.

I’ll be using the Kangertech Tiger Kit pretty extensively over the next few weeks and then will post a full, in-depth review. To be notified when that review is live follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook.

Kangertech lists the Spider Kit as a pre-order item with a list price of $73.90, but they have it marked down, at least as of this writing, to $62.90. Find out more and order the Kangertech Spider Kit here.

Thanks again to our friends at Kangertech for providing the Tiger Kit for a Seven Report review.

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