First Look: Kangertech Pollex Mod

Kangertech has just introduced their first touch screen mod, the Pollex, another product in their AKD series. The Pollex is the first AKD product to be marketed as a stand alone mod.

The Pollex is a slim but powerful device. Its aluminum alloy body stands 86 mm high, 48 mm long and 24 mm wide with a weight of 150 g. It’s powered by an internal 3500 mAh battery which you can charge via the micro USB port on the side of the device using the included charging cable. The Kangertech Pollex mod will fire coils with a resistance as low as 0.15 ohm.

Turn the Pollex on or off with five clicks of the fire button, located on the side of the mod. The Pollex has three operating modes, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Get into the menu system by tapping the arrow on the bottom of the left side of the display. Select the operating mode by tapping it. Beginner is simple variable wattage mode. The Kangertech Pollex has a wattage range of 1 – 200 watts. Adjust wattage by tapping the “-” or “+” on the display.

Intermediate mode allows you to choose between variable wattage and temperature control modes. The Pollex will fire Ni, Ti or SS coils in TC mode. Temperature range is 100 – 315 C or 200 – 600 F. To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit scroll to the bottom or top of one scale to get to the other.

Expert mode allows you to choose between VW, TC and two user defined temperature or wattage curves. You can also choose between 4 different wallpapers in Expert mode.

In both Intermediate and Expert modes you have several additional menu options to choose from. In each of these modes the bottom of the touch screen displays your selected work setting; VW, Ni, Ti, SS, M1 or M2. Tap the gear icon to enter the menu system. Your options are Work Setting, Power Setting, Display and System Info.

In Power Setting you can set the over time function, LCD time out and auto shutdown time. The Display menu allows you adjust display brightness, lock the screen, turn the device off and restore factory settings. You also have the option to choose a wallpaper for the lock screen, but that is only available in Expert mode. System Info gives details on your Pollex.

You can lock or unlock the Pollex outside of the menu system by clicking the fire button three times. And you can reset factory settings on the bottom of the unit.

I put the Kangertech Pollex in Expert mode and selected VW, setting the power to 100 watts and attached a SMOK TFV8 Tank. When you attach a new coil to the Pollex the display will prompt you set the base resistance by tapping “New Coil” or “Same Coil.” It’s best to do this when the coil is at room temperature.

The Kangertech Pollex had no problem pumping 100 watts into the coil, the fire button is very responsive and easy to reach. The mod is comfortable and the orientation of the fire button makes it very easy to reach.

I bumped the power down to 90 watts and didn’t notice much of a change in vapor or flavor output. The display is very easy to read, bright and crisp. And the touch screen is just sensitive enough to make it simple to change power or temperature and get into the menu system.

I’ll be using the Kangertech Pollex extensively over the next few weeks and then I’ll post a full, in-depth review. To be notified when the review is live follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to our friends at Kangertech for supplying the Pollex touch screen kit for review.

Kangertech has the Pollex listed as a pre-order item with a list price of $73.90, but it’s available right now for $62.90. Get more information about it and order one here.

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