First Look: Kangertech PANGU Tank

Kangertech continues its breakneck pace of new product releases with the PANGU tank. Kanger describes the PANGU as “new design, new features, new experience.” The PANGU is a top filling, 3.5 ml capacity tank. It has adjustable airflow and ejuice flow and what Kangertech refers to as a condensation reclamation system which is supposed to reduce condensation by up to 99%.

The heart of any tank is the coil, and Kangertech has designed a brand new coil for the PANGU, the PGOCC for PANGU organic cotton coil. The coils are part of the “clean hands” coil replacement system. The coil and chimney are a single unit, the top of which extends out of the top of the tank and is covered by the drip tip. This design allows you to swap out coils without your hands coming into contact with the part of the coil that is inside the tank sitting in ejuice.

Pangu official detail 01 resizedThe PANGU comes with a 0.5 ohm Stainless Steel coil installed and a 1.5 ohm Nichrome replacement coil. Also included are a spare Pyrex reservoir and a set of seal rings. Kanger offers the PANGU in silver, black and white.

To fill the PANGU first pop off the POM drip tip and then unscrew the top cover. Fill the reservoir, replace the top cover and snap the drip tip back into place. Kanger recommends closing the ejuice flow ports before filling. To adjust the ejuice flow and airflow ports attach the tank to a mod and then spin the tank to your preferred setting.

With the tank empty you can change coils with the PANGU upright. Pop off the drip tip and then unscrew the coil and lift it out of the tank. Then insert a fresh coil, screw it in and replace the drip tip. If the tank if full, the manual instructs you to flip the tank upside down to replace the coil. These are cotton coils, so it’s a good idea to prime them when new by placing a few drops of ejuice on each of the ejuice ports and then allowing the coil to sit in a full tank for a few minutes before vaping.

I primed the Stainless Steel PGOCC and filled the PANGU with Cinnamon Mini Donuts ejuice from Juishy Ejuice, supplied by Then I allowed the coil to soak for a few minutes before vaping. With the PANGU attached to a Kangertech KBOX (which read the coil at 0.57 ohm) I set the temperature at 375° F.

Pangu on KBOX 160Initial vapor output was decent, not great, but not bad for the first draw at 375° F. As is often the case with a brand new cotton coil was there just a hint of off-taste, which I’ve experienced with other new coils, particularly those for the SMOK TFV4. But that soon went away.

I upped the temperature to 385° F and both vapor and flavor production increased. At 400° F the difference was quite noticeable. The PANGU produces a very nice volume of vapor and solid, rich flavor. The draw is a little on the tight side. I’ll be using the PANGU extensively for the next or so and will post a full, in-depth review. I’m very interested to see how that “clean hands” coil replacement system works with a full tank of ejuice.

If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out via those avenues when that review has been posted. Thanks to our friends at Kangertech for providing the PANGU for Seven Report to review.

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Kangertech lists the price on the PANGU as $19.80. It’s only available for pre-order at the moment.

UPDATE: DirectVapor has the PANGU available for $16.95!

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Order the PANGU Tank from DirectVapor.

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Order the PANGU Tank from Kangertech.

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