First Look: Kangertech IKEN Kit

The latest product from Kangertech is another mod and tank combo, part of the AKD (Advanced Kangertech Design) series, the IKEN Kit. The kit consists of the IKEN Mod and IKEN Tank. The tank has a 4 ml capacity and is a top filler. It comes with a 0.2 ohm SSOCC Stainless Steel coil installed and a spare in the package. The IKEN Tank will accept any of the Kanger SSOCC coils, including Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Clapton and Nickel.

The SSOCC SS coils included with the IKEN Kit have a suggested wattage range of 25 – 60 watts. They can be used either in variable wattage or temperature control mode.

The tank has adjustable top airflow that Kanger refers to as the latest “U” airflow technology. They subjected the IKEN Tank to 3 months of 500 independent tests and the tank came through leak free.

The IKEN Mod has a wattage range of 1 – 230 watts, powered by an internal 5100 mAh battery. It features a 1.54 inch TFT display. Charge the battery via the micro USB port on the side of the mod near the bottom using the included charging cable.

The mod will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.1 – 5.0 ohm. Available output modes are variable wattage, temperature control with Ni, Ti or SS coils, and TCR or Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (M1 and M2).

In addition to the different types of coils, you can set the IKEN Mod for one of three operating modes, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Beginner mode is variable wattage. Intermediate mode allows you to switch between variable wattage and the three types of coils available for temperature control. Expert mode allows you to choose between your two pre-set TCR settings.

To switch between VW and TC in the Intermediate mode click the fire button three times to go from VW to Ni then Ti then SS and then back to VW. Increase or decrease wattage or temperature via the up and down buttons.

To enter the menu system and choose your operating mode, press the down button and the fire button at the same time. Then use the up or down button to select the mode you want. You can lock the up and down buttons by pressing the up button and the fire button at the same. Pressing the up and down buttons at the same time allows you to adjust the brightness of the display.

To change the coil in the IKEN Tank, unscrew the coil base from the tank, unscrew the old coil and install a new coil. Prime the new coil by dripping a few drops of ejuice onto the cotton visible through the ejuice flow ports. Then reattach the coil base to the tank. Fill the tank by unscrewing the top cover and inserting the tip of your dripper or bottle into one of the fill ports. Then replace the top cover. If you’re using a new coil, allow it to soak for a few minutes to ensure that the cotton is saturated.

I primed the installed coil and filled the tank with Cinnanutz ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild. Then I allowed the coil to soak for several minutes. I put the mod in Intermediate mode and set the wattage to 50 watts and gave it a first vape.

Vapor production was more than acceptable and the flavor was rich and pure. The deeper notes of the cinnamon really popped. With wattage increased to 55 watts vapor production increased noticeably and the flavor remained bold and pure.

Next I tried temperature control mode, with a setting of 500 F. The flavor remained full but vapor production was a little less than in variable wattage mode. With the temperature increased to 550 F vapor production increased a fair amount. The draw seemed a little tighter in TC mode than it was in VW mode.

Overall this First Look proved very satisfactory. The IKEN Kit is deceptively light, despite its size and shape. This leads me to believe that it’ll prove to be very easy to carry around as an all day device.

I’ll be using the IKEN Kit extensively for the next week or so and will then post a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified that way when the review is live.

Kangertech currently lists the IKEN Kit as a pre-order item with a list price of $71.90, but right now they have that reduced to $61.90. Thanks to Kangertech for supplying the IKEN Kit for Seven Report to review. Find out more or order one here.

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