First Look: Kangertech CUPTI 2

Kangertech has developed an new version of the all-in-one CUPTI, the CUPTI 2. Much like they did with the Dripbox and Dripbox 160, Kangertech has increased the size and power with the new CUPTI 2. And there are other differences too.

The Kangertech CUPTI 2 has an internal 5 ml reservoir. Kangertech also includes what they refer to as a “second connector” that enables you to attach an external tank to the CUPTI 2. The mod is capable of firing coils with a resistance range of 0.1 – 2.5 ohm. A single 0.5 ohm CLOCC (child lock organic cotton coil) is included.

Cupti 2 colors officialThe CUPTI 2 has a wattage range of 5 – 80 watts, with that upgradable firmware that’s supposed to take that 100 watts. It will fire Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils in temperature control mode. There is also a selection, TC, which, once you’ve downloaded the firmware upgrade, you can customize when the CUPTI 2 is connected to a computer. The temperature range is 200° – 600° F and 100° – 315° C.

When you add a new coil you’ll be prompted to set the base resistance of the coil. The display will show, “New coil? “+” yes/”-” no.” Press the appropriate button. You should only set the base resistance of a coil when it is at room temperature.

Select the coil material you’re using by clicking the fire button three time to cycle through the options. The last option is wattage mode. Increase or decrease temperature or wattage setting by pressing the increase or decrease button. Press the fire and “+” buttons at the same time to flip the orientation of the display by 180°.

CUPTI 2 with CUPTIOnce you’ve found a temperature or wattage setting that you like you can lock the increase/decrease buttons by holding in the fire and “-” buttons at the same time. Holding in the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time enters the temperature curve/power curve mode. This is customizable through the firmware when the CUPTI 2 is attached to your computer. You can also modify the working interface, function display and screen brightness through that program.

To fill the CUPTI 2 press down on the top cover and unscrew it. Then lift the top cover, tip and coil connector and coil assembly out of the unit. Fill the tank, but only as far as the “MAX” line on the side of the tank. Then reinsert the assembly and screw it back into place. Use the same process to change the coil and then unscrew the CLOCC from the bottom of the tip and coil connector. When you’re using a new coil for the first time be sure to prime it and allow it to sit in a full tank for several minutes to ensure that it’s saturated.

To attach an external tank to the Kangertech CUPTI 2 use the same process as when filling the tank. But instead of adding ejuice into the tank, insert the “second connector,” being sure to screw it in securely. Then you can use an external tank.

打印The CUPTI 2 is powered by two 18650 batteries, not included. Kangertech recommends using batteries of 30A or above. You can charge the batteries while they’re in the device via the micro USB port on the front of the device using the included charging cable.

I primed the coil and filled the tank with Strawberry Milkcake ejuice from Vapes Gone Wild. Then I allowed the coil to sit for about 10 minutes before taking a first vape. I set the temperature at 375° F and pressed the fire button. The vapor production was fairly impressive and the flavor was good. I upped the temperature to 400° F and both vapor and flavor production increased noticeably. At 415° the Kangertech CUPTI 2 seemed to find the sweet spot for this ejuice. Vapor production was prodigious and the flavor really popped.

Over the course of the next week or two (there are quite a few other new products in the queue for First Looks and full reviews. But I will post a full, in-depth review on the CUPTI 2 soon. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way then that review is live.

Thanks again to our friends at Kangertech for providing the CUPTI 2 for review.

kangertech logo 01

Kangertech offers the CUPTI 2 in silver, white and black.

They list it for pre-order at $71.90.

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