First Look: Kamry K1000 EPipe

Kamry K1000 contentsDid you ever want something but couldn’t bring yourself to buy it? Either it was too extravagant or expensive or there were others things you needed more or just made more sense, were more practical? That’s how it was with me and the Kamry K1000 EPipe. Soon after I started vaping I noticed the Kamry K1000 in the display case at my local vape shop. I asked about it, had one of the sales people take it out of the case and let me hold it. But I could never quite work up the rationale to buy one. There was always something that made more sense, served my immediate needs more fully. Some day, I kept telling myself.

Some day came last week in a shipment from my friends at Stella Blues Vapors. Along with five new flavors of ejuice they’d included a silver Kamry K1000 EPipe!  The K1000 is a mechanical mod, no circuity, no variable voltage or wattage. Just a battery, fire button and tank. All in the shape of a pipe!

Kamry packages the K1000 in a hard shell zippered carrying case. It comes with two IMR 18350, 900 Mah batteries, a battery charger, manual and the K1000. The clearomizer on the K1000 is the Kamry X6 V2 with 3.0 ml capacity and a 2.4 ohm coil. It also includes a long stem removable drip tip that completes that pipe look.

The K1000 fires at 3.7 volts. I put the X6 V2 on my Eleaf iStick 50 Watt to see how many watts that 3.7 volts would push through the 2.4 ohm coil. The iStick read the coil as 2.3 ohms which works out to 5.9 watts. After filling the tank with ejuice and letting those long wicks get fully saturated, I gave it a test vape.

Kamry K1000-JWRIt feels good, solid in my hand. The melon undertones of the Vapes Gone Wild Gold Doubloon ejuice really popped, even at 5.9 watts. And the amount of vapor the K1000 produced was more than satisfactory. Thanks again to Stella Blues Vapors for providing the K1000. I’m not sure if they still carry it on their website, but I’ll check on it before I do the full in depth review.

I realize the Kamry K1000 is not the newest mod on the market. But its novelty makes it something that continues to arouse interest, so keep checking back for that review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter and Facebook you’ll be notified via those outlets when the review is live.

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