First Look: JUUL Vape Kit

Pax Labs recently sent their new product JUUL for a Seven Report review. JUUL is a closed system vaping device, sort of a cig-alike kit. It includes the JUUL device, a USB charger and four JUULpod cartridges. Each of the JUULpods contains 0.8 ml of ejuice and 5% nicotine.

JUUL 02There are four flavors included in the kit:
Mint, a peppermint flavor.
Fruut, a peaches, grapes and berries blend.
Bruulé, a vanilla custard flavor.
Tabaac, a tobacco flavor.

You have to charge the JUUL before using it for the first time. A full charge takes about an hour. Once it’s charged slide the JUULpod into the JUUL and start vaping. I started with the Bruulé flavor, and got a mouthful of ejuice. When I switched to the Fruut the results were much better.

I’ll be using the JUUL for a week or so and then will come back with a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified that way when the review has been posted.

Thanks to the folks at Pax Labs for providing the JUUL for a Seven Report review.

JUUL Logo official

Order JUUL here.

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