First Look: EPuffer Magnum Starter Kit

EPuffer has been around for a little over eight years, which, in the vaping industry, makes them almost ancient. They have headquarters in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. EPuffer manufactures a wide range of vaping products, including disposables, cigalikes, EVOD style kits, electronic cigars and pipes, ejuice and accessories.

One of their newest products is the EPuffer Magnum cigalike. EPuffer sent one of their Magnum Snaps E-Pack Kits for a Seven Report review. They also sent two packages of their Snaps cartomizers, a Sweet Sensations Variety package and a Tobacco Variety package.

The Magnum kit includes a Personal Charging Case (PCC) that’s used to store and charge the two included Magnum batteries. It also comes with three Snaps cartridges, in this case tobacco flavor, a micro USB charging cable, a wall charger adapter and a car charger adapter and an instruction manual.

epuffer magnum snaps 01The EPuffer Magnum is similar to some other cigalikes, but it’s different in a number of crucial ways. The Personal Charging Case isn’t unique, but it is a very convenient feature. Once you’ve charged the case, via the included micro USB cable and adapter of your choice (wall or car) you slip one of the Magnum batteries into the appropriate slot in the PCC to charge it. Once the first battery is fully charged (you’ll know because the little light on the side of the PCC will go out) charge the other battery. With the PCC you’ll always have a charged battery

The Personal Charging Case also has room for a spare Snap cartridge and a fully assembled Magnum (the battery and a Snap cartridge). And the PCC has a built-in flashlight.

Where the EPuffer Magnum really stands out is in the Snaps cartridges, at least that’s my initial impression. The Snaps cartridges attach to the Magnum battery magnetically, just pop the Snap onto the battery and it “Snaps” into place. I decided to try one of the Sweet Sensations Variety Snap cartridges first. They come six to a pack and are individually wrapped, so I wasn’t sure which flavor I was opening. But by the time I’d pulled the plastic tip off of the cartridge I could tell it was an apple flavor, the aroma was very pleasing.

epuffer magnum black-white officialAnd so was the flavor. I’d chosen the Double Apple flavor. I had not fully the charged the Magnum battery prior to my first vape (though I did fully charge the PCC), so that may have impacted that first vape. Still, the Snaps cartridge provided the fullest flavor I’ve ever gotten out of a cigalike.

I’ll be using the EPuffer Magnum extensively over the next week or so, running the batteries and Personal Charging Case charges dry a few times and sampling a number of the different flavors. EPuffer does offer a pretty wide variety of flavor in the Snaps cartridges. Then I’ll come back with a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when that review is live.

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Order the EPuffer Magnum Snaps E-Pack from EPuffer.

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